Hilton Asmus Contemporary Presents WILD ENCOUNTERS Review – photography exhibit by David Yarrow

The Siberians Photo: David Yarrow

Hilton Asmus Contemporary, a classy art gallery located in the heart of River North Art District brings to Chicago the works of world-renowned wildlife photographer David Yarrow. His astonishing, surprisingly intimate approach of wild life is reflected in the absolutely fabulous photography exhibition Wild Encounters.

Hilton Asmus Contemporary WILD ENCOUNTERS Review - photography exhibit by David Yarrow
Heaven Can Wait Photo: David Yarrow
Hilton Asmus Contemporary WILD ENCOUNTERS
The Wolf of Main Street Photo: David Yarrow

David Yarrow at Hilton Asmus Contemporary in Chicago

Gallery President & Curator Arica Hilton is a very warm and welcoming host, fascinated by Yarrow´s breathtaking photography. She tells us how she contacted David Yarrow on Instagram and how, with no connection whatsoever, the same exact day her London-based contact reached out to her asking if she would be interested in Yarrow’s works. What are the odds, right?

It is such an amazing display of pure natural beauty that from the first moment you walk in this gallery you fall for the pureness of these prints. In a world where everyone has a camera at reach at all times, when there are more photographers than ever before, David Yarrow has managed to establish himself as one of the bestselling fine art photographers in the world. When David was in Chicago for a few days, it was a pleasure for this writer to meet him at the gallery and attend his presentation.

Slider photos by Casey Mitchell

Hilton Asmus Contemporary WILD ENCOUNTERS Review - photography exhibit by David Yarrow
Grumpy Monkey Photo by David Yarrow

According to Yarrow, the secret to selling at over $30,000/piece and getting worldwide recognition for his works can be summarized in 5 words: relentlessness, reductive, relevance, luck and passion. You can never take a break, very much alike the financial sector he used to work in— photography is a field where you cannot stop in the pursuit of that one shoot or the few photos that will really be outstanding of the hundreds of thousands you take in a year.

Sometimes you are lucky to have one and other times you are very lucky and get three magnificent prints in a year. Relentlessness, minimalism and relevance are key to his less is more philosophy, and at the same time he is really grateful to his team and collaborators who make it all possible.

His minimal approach is perfectly illustrated by the 78 Degrees North photography taken in Svalbard (Norway, 2017). With this particular shot, his secret is fully represented, because his passion made him push the camera button 60 times and out of this sequence, the very last one was the lucky winner. As you stand in front of this magnificent piece of art, your heart starts to beat faster and your mind cannot help fill in the blanks with untold pieces of story, with overwhelming feelings and emotions. The pureness of the whites, the distinctive central paw that draws your attention as the big polar bear walks away. The animal gives his back to the world, a world that really needs to be aware of the reality of its ever-shrinking habitat. This photography strikes as a metaphor of life.

Hilton Asmus Contemporary WILD ENCOUNTERS Review - photography exhibit by David Yarrow
The American Idol Photo by David Yarrow

The American Idol, another one of the prints in this exhibition is a powerful statement-making photo of a large bull bison near Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.For this shot, considering the size of this massive prehistoric animal and the danger implied by a very close personal approach—the camera had to be controlled remotely. So due to the absence of the human, it is striking to observe the natural curiosity of this rogue bull. This emblematic North American animal is captured here with all its greatness.

Hilton Asmus Contemporary WILD ENCOUNTERS Review - photography exhibit by David Yarrow
The Untouchables Photo: David Yarrow

Ambroseli, the best place in the world to photograph elephants

David Yarrow has been traveling around the world, reaching some of the most remote places on Earth in order to find these unique moments in time. The exclusivity of his photography is achieved by literally walking the extra mile and reaching places no other photographer has the privilege to experience. The Crossing is the simple image of a big herd of elephant crossing the dry lake at Ambroseli, Kenya 2017. And just like the polar bear image, it is a statement and a shout to the world regarding the fragility of the elephant population.

Hilton Asmus Contemporary WILD ENCOUNTERS Review - photography exhibit by David Yarrow
Lion King Photo: David Yarrow

Refreshing and stunning Wild Encounters

This exhibit is for all publics.  It is refreshing, stunning and technically and artistically beautiful. Yarrow's photography will fill your heart with beauty and passion. You also will travel across the world thanks to him. Each image has a story and it is very interesting to discover them all.



Now until April 27, 2018
Tuesday - Saturday:   11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday and Monday by appointment.


Hilton | Asmus Contemporary
716 N. Wells Street
Chicago, IL


Open Run

Free Admission.
For more information you can also visit the Hilton | Asmus Contemporary website.

Laura Buciuman
Laura Buciuman Photo by Casey Mitchell

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