Hubbard Street Dance Presents SPRING PERFORMANCE SERIES Review – Journey Through The Works of Alejandro Cerrudo

Hubbard Street Dance’s Spring Performance Series offered a real treat for audiences: a deep dive into the work of one choreographer. In this case, it was the work of resident director Alejandro Cerrudo, an accomplished artist from Madrid, Spain, whose work has been performed across the United States, as well as in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Australia. Watching this series, you get a glimpse into the evolution of Cerrudo’s work during his time at Hubbard Street. Pieces are performed chronologically over the course of the evening, beginning with Lickety-Split (from 2006) and Off Screen (from 2009) and finishing with Silent Ghost (2015) and Out of Your Mind, a world premiere.

Humor Underscores the Spring Performance Series’ Choreography

Watching Cerrudo’s astonishing series of dances served as a master class in the potential of the human form. While some motifs repeated with slight variance across the evening of work, to this reviewer, the evening never felt repetitive or identical. To the contrary, each piece continued to delve further and further into the seemingly infinite choreographic possibilities at Cerrudo’s disposal. Moments of suspension and the intricacies of an intimate duet gave way to largescale ensemble numbers and even some spoken monologue. Humor, too, played a supporting role throughout the evening. Lickety-Split served as the greatest showcase of Cerrudo’s wit and knack for weaving physical comedy into his pieces, although these themes returned in later dances as well.

Hubbard Street Showcases Excellent Dancers

Of course, top-notch choreography would be nothing without top-notch dancers, and Hubbard Street delivers them in spades. The Spring Series features the graceful and impressive Craig D. Black, Jr., Jacqueline Burnett, Alicia Delgadillo, Kellie Epperheimer, Michael Gross, Elliot Hammans, Alice Klock, Myles Lavallee, Adrienne Lipson, Florian Lochner, Ana Lopez, Andrew Murdock, Minga Prather, and Kevin J. Shannon. Rena Butler and David Shultz even get to flex their acting muscles; both deliver monologues during Off Screen that are both engrossing and linguistically deft. Whether these dancers are performing Cerrudo’s choreography solo, with a partner, or as an ensemble, their movements are precise, dynamic, and enthralling. Each dancer also shares a bit of their own personality while performing, letting their faces complement the expressiveness of their bodies rather than keeping them neutral.

For dance-lovers and dance-initiates alike, Hubbard Street Dance’s Spring Performance Series offers something for everyone. This look into the wholly original work of an accomplished choreographer welcomes newcomers to the world of modern dance with humor and panache, and still offers those familiar with Hubbard Street to engage with their work on a deeper level. As a testament to the strength of Hubbard Street Dance, as well as the strength of modern dance itself, Cerrudo’s Spring Series shines.

For more information about upcoming dance performances, visit Hubbard Street Dance's website.

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