INVENTOR IN THE PINK PAJAMAS Review – Inventions and Innovations

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An attractive pink cover adorns the large square hardcover book by David and Emberly Pridham. It is the first of four installments of the If Not You, Then Who? series. Inside the glossy pages, colourful illustrations by Hanna Luechefeld nudge your eyes to dance about the book while you’re introduced to the main character Brooke - a middle schooler whose love for inventions and Jacques Cousteau puts a pep in her step. This protagonist is easy to relate to. Who hasn’t dreamt of new and original ideas? But this story goes further into explaining what you can do with those ideas once you’ve thought them up. Welcome to the world of patents.

There is more to THE INVENTOR IN THE PINK PAJAMAS than a simple story

The book serves two purposes. The first is to tell the story of the day in the life of Brooke. But not just any day. On this particular day, Brooke has to deliver her presentation on her favorite inventor, make a snack for her soccer game and play the game itself. Along the way, we meet some of the people in Brooke’s life and see her imaginative and curious mind question and discover ideas. The second purpose for the book is educational. Every invention mentioned has a back story that explains the origin and the inventor behind the product. If you ever wondered how the traffic stop came to be or who discovered play-doh, these pages deliver that information and more. But it also explains what a patent is and how to go about getting one and the difference between a utility patent and a design patent.

It Not You, Then Who?

There are no restrictions for who can get a patent. Anyone can be an inventor! This book even prompts the reader to think of some new ideas. If you end up reading this book with a child (this reviewer sees it as a good fit for those ages 7-12) you can watch their imagination take over as they come up with new ways to make their bed or tie their shoe laces. Equally impressed are your children as they hear your new discoveries of a laundry folder and dust mop attachment for your recently crawling baby. Ideas are for everyone!


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Author: David and Emberli Pridham

Illustrator: Hanna Luechtefeld

To purchase a hard copy of this book, or to get a no-cost pdf edition, visit the Amazon page for THE INVENTOR IN THE PINK PAJAMAS. 


Tonika Todorova and her son Jaxon DuFloth
Co-Authors: Tonika Todorova and her son Jaxon

About the Authors: Tonika Todorova and her son Jaxon DuFloth:

Tonika Todorova is a freelance writer and director that goes by the self imposed title of Adventure Architect. She experiences a lot of performance with her eight year old son, Jaxon, by her side, and his reflections on Chicago theatre offer a refreshingly new perspective for her, and hopefully, others. Jaxon practices autonomous learning and is proud to be an Albany Park Chicago Children's Choir singer. Tonika and Jaxon also enjoy reviewing children's books together. You can learn more about them and their experience writing for Picture This Post by watching this Picture This Post YouTube video:

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