WHY LA? POURQUOI PARIS? By Diane Ratican Book Review- The City of Stars and The City of Lights Compared

Diane Ratican with the help of illustrators Eric Giriat (Paris) and Nick Lu (Los Angeles) brings to like the two famed cities of Los Angeles and Paris in the book Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?

Diane Ratican, an entrepreneur with a fashion import/export business gives us  272 pages of artwork, travel stories and journeys through these colorful cities. Ratican, based in Los Angeles calls Paris her second home.  She says, “Los Angeles is my husband and Paris is my lover”.

LA Metro Illustration by: Nick Lu
Paris Crossing Street Illustration by: Eric Giriat

WHY LA? POURQUOI PARIS? Designed for Easy Read

There are different captivating quotes on almost every page that corresponds to the topic being covered in each section. This helps make it an interesting read.

Ratican separates the book into seven sections ensuring the reader will find something to find interest in. Whether you are interested in fashion, dining, or entertainment each aspect of this book sparks a fascination with the separate cultures.

Whether or not the audience considers Los Angeles or Paris home, the audience becomes captivated by the illustrations erupting from the scenes. You don’t have to have been there, you are there.

There are many functions for this art book—for some a travel guide, and for others an informational handbook on iconic architectural, historical, or fashion-forward pieces. This whimsical book can be enough to satisfy your wanderlust or be a beautiful addition to your bookcase, or a trendy centerpiece on your coffee table that sparks conversations on your favorite parts of each city.

For more information on this book, you may visit the Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? website.

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