Lucky Plush’ SuperStrip Review – Leaving You Ravenous for More Dance

Superb Lucky Plush Dancers

With superb dancers like Cuban-born Michel Rodriguez Cintra and Daniel Gibson on the stage, it’s likely any lover of dance will see their moves and know he or she is in for a feast. The former flips, turns and glides with so much grace he at times feels other worldly. Gibson, packing a lot of athletic power into his somewhat shorter and stockier frame, punctuates the stage with magnetic hip hop inspired moves big and small.

Performance Art More than Dance

They are but two dancers in the Lucky Plush ensemble, and there is reason to think that the others can hold their own too.

In “SuperStrip”, we get short teases of the ensemble’s dancing prowess and lean forward in our seats waiting for more, That expected explosion into dance never came, as it has in earlier Lucky Plush works. If you come to the theater ravenous for dance, know ahead of time that you will likely leave still being dance hungry.

Not so much story as a performance artist pastiche.

Patter More Than Story

SuperStrip’s premise is to describe a group of superpowers who form a non-profit organization to do good in the world. Their inability to define their mission, the push-pull dynamics of the individuals in the group, and patter type commentary on world problems of all sizes is the action, so to speak.

There is some dance mixed in with the chitchat, but the dialogue is what fills the hall in a bigger way.

Lucky Plush SuperStrip

Intriguing Use of Multi-Media Visuals

One intriguing aspect of this production, and especially in the beginning when the first dance snippets occur, is the video projections on a family of screens on the back wall (Video/Media Design: Liviu Pasare).

These images dance in changing colors and orientations pulling your attention in very much the same way outstanding choreography does. Hopefully, Lucky Plush will do more to explore this potential of video graphic experimentation in sync with dancers in future iterations of their unique genre.

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Photos by William Frederking and Amir Ara

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