Mercury Theater Chicago CLUE

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Mercury Theater Chicago CLUE
Photo: Brandon Dahlquist


October 13, 2022 - January 1, 2023

Sundays - 1 pm and 5 pm
Wednesdays - 8 pm
Thursdays - 8 pm
Fridays - 8 pm
Saturdays - 3 pm and 8 pm


Mercury Theater Chicago
3745 N. Southport Avenue



For more information and tickets visit the Mercury Theater Chicago website.


Patrick Byrnes (Mr. Boddy)
McKinley Carter (Mrs. White)
Andrew Jessop (Professor Plum)
Mark David Kaplan (Wadsworth)
Andrew MacNaughton (Ensemble)
Kelvin Roston, Jr. (Mr. Green)
Erica Stephan (Miss Scarlet)
Tiffany T. Taylor (Yvette)
Nancy Wagner(Mrs. Peacock)
Honey West (Ensemble)
Jonah Winston (Colonel Mustard)
Understudies include Peter Ferneding, Brie McClellan


L. Walter Stearns (director)
Bob Knuth (scenic designer)
Marquecia Jordan (costume designer)
G. “Max” Maxin IV (lighting designer)
Kurt Snieckus (sound designer)
Jonathan Berg-Einhorn (properties designer)
Keith Ryan (wig designer)
Rachel West (lighting supervisor)
Tristan Tom (wardrobe supervisor)
Keely Vasquez (casting associate)
Richard Lundy (production stage manager)
Johnnie Schleyer (production manager)
Rachel Campbell (assistant stage manager)
Tommy Novak (assistant director)


Play the Board Game- Venus Cabaret up to one hour prior to showtime and play the Hasbro Board Game CLUE. CLUE Board Games will be available to borrow before the show.
Mini Mysteries- Drop in at the Venus Cabaret and with every purchase you will be awarded a mini mystery. Take five minutes to read the mystery and test your detective skills, then check with the bartender at Venus Cabaret to see how you did.
Limited Edition CLUE Suspects Cards- Get an exclusive set of CLUE cards featuring actors from Mercury Theater Chicago as suspects in the game of CLUE. Playing cards are complimentary with any purchase from the souvenir stand.
CLUE Trivia – Sundays at 7pm- Sign up in the Venus Cabaret for CLUE Trivia, Sunday nights at 7pm. Questions are based on the live show, the movie and the board game.
Halloween in Disguise – October 28-30, 2022- Audiences to dress in disguise and add to the mystery of the show. Best dressed will be decided by the Mercury Theater Team and awarded prizes.

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