Midsommer Flight’s Production of Twelfth Night Review – Delightful and Welcoming

Midsommer Twelfth Night
Erick Rivera as attendant/musician in Midsommer Flight’sTwelfth Night Tom McGrath

Making Shakespeare Open and Accessible

Midsommer Flight continues their tradition of performing free and accessible Shakespeare with their consistently engaging and hilarious production of Twelfth Night. The whimsy starts immediately and only increases as the actors and musicians move you through the hijinks of the residents of Illyria.

The story is fairly simple, yet a lot of people are still intimidated with the daunting language of Shakespeare. Midsommer Flight has proven, once again, that Shakespeare’s plays can be enjoyed by everyone. During this production, children in the audience were genuinely laughing and having fun. This production is a great way to introduce theatre and Shakespeare to a child.

The Lincoln Park Conservatory serves as a memorable backdrop to this production, which could easily stand on its own even without this benefit. The unusual and beautiful atmosphere of being engulfed in greenery decorated for the holiday season adds to this warm and welcoming feeling. Arriving early will offer audience members a chance to meander through a portion of the conservatory, which is highly recommended.

However, one drawback to this otherwise amazing performance space is the acoustics. At times, it can be difficult to hear each word but the uniqueness of the experience certainly outweighs the problem.

Most importantly, the cast successfully creates a feeling of ensemble that transcends themselves and includes the audience.

Midzomer Twelfth Night
(L to R) Adam Habben and Chris Smith "Sir Andrew Aguecheek” and "Sir Toby Belch” in Midsommer Flight’sTwelfth Night Tom McGrath

Twelfth Night Offers Beautiful, Original Music

Not only is the audience treated to the fanciful Twelfth Night, but also an original score by Elizabeth Rentfro and Alex Mauney that perfectly enhances the feeling of simply watching a group of traveling players. Most of the actors double as musicians, removing any barrier between the music and the story.

With Lincoln Park Zoo’s ZOO LIGHTS, this little corner of Chicago is already lit up with Christmas decorations. Adding Twelfth Night to some of your holiday plans will not disappoint.

4 out of 5 Stars - Recommended

Top Pick For: Families
Not recommended for: Drama Seekers


Runs through December 18, 2016

Thursdays - Sundays at 7:30 p.m


Lincoln Park Conservatory
2391 N. Stockton Drive, Chicago

Run Time:

100 minutes with no intermission


Free! (Donations Gratefully Accepted)
Reservations Recommended at:


Note: An excerpt of this review appears in Theatre in Chicago.

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