Museum of Contemporary Photography Presents RE:COLLECTION Preview – How Do We Perceive Images?

The Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago will open re:collection, a celebration of the MoCP’s vast archive of photographs, and an exploration of how we perceive images.

A stream of images runs through the galleries, spanning the history of photography and offering a diverse array of approaches. Each photograph speaks to its neighboring photograph in terms of content, form or other, more subtle, connecting factors waiting to be discovered. At certain junctures, groups of images pool related ideas to address some of the most pressing social issues of our time. Each installation of images starts with a camera-less photograph, a nod to the origins of the medium and its fundamental ability to record light and shadow. The gesture is also meant to underscore the unreliability of photographic representation, which is always a translation of reality rather than a direct copy. The exhibition will include works by Evan Baden, Dawoud Bey, Lynne Cohen, Kelli Connell, Kei Ito, Deborah Luster, Danny Lyon, Rachel Papo, Christian Patterson, Guillaume Simoneau, Angela Strassheim, Penelope Umbrico, James Welling, and many others.

re:collection has been organized by Columbia College Chicago graduate students Kalin Haydon, Carissa Meier, and Shawn Rowe, together with Sophie Haslinger, Collection Research Fellow, Karen Irvine, Deputy Director and Chief Curator and Kristin Taylor, Manager of Collections.

Anthony Haughey - Shotgun Cartridges, Armagh-Louth Border, 1999
Simon Norfolk - Mercury Halide: Pa' Una Ciudad Del Norte, from the "Arizona/Mexico: Soy Una Raya En El Mar" series, 2006


July 13 to October 1, 2017



Museum of Contemporary Photography

600 S. Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL 60605



Top Slider Photos:

Tulips: RG #16 by Mary Koga, from the "Floral & Leaves" series, 1971, portfolio 1982-1996

Sungazing Scroll by Kei Ito, 2015

Lower Slider Photos:

Photo #1 - (Top Right) Shotgun Blast by Christian Patterson, 2011

(Bottom Right) Dana, a sniper instructor, outside her room, Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi, Israel (#25) by Rachel Papo, from the Serial No. 3817131 portfolio, 2004

(Top Left) Grasshopper on rose, Kennesaw, Georgia by Guillaume Simoneau from the “Love and War” series, 2006 

Photo #2 - (Top Left) Evidence No. 2 by Angela Strassheim, 2009

(Lower Left) 29 Palms: Mechanized Assault by An-My Lê 2003-2004

(Top Right) Wearing Veteran's Day present, Kennesaw, Georgia by Guillaume Simoneau from the "Love and War" series, 2009

(Lower Right) Moments Later the Rage Began to Settle by Alison Ruttan from "The Four Year War at Gombe" series, 2009

All Photos Courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Photography

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