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Myanmar tour tips—Myanmar travel blog details Myanmar highlights and points of interest from Mandalay to Yangon with Bagan, Inle Lake, Pyin oo Lyin, Hsipaw+

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Make the most of your Myanmar tourist visa

Whether you are backpacking Myanmar or hiring one of the many package Myanmar tours, or something else again, you are likely on the same well-worn tourist paths to see the shortlist of Myanmar tourist attractions.

Myanmar tourist visas aren't usually for very long, and even though Myanmar travel is far less restricted than decades ago, you are sure to bump into the same Westerners that arrived in Myanmar at the same time and place as you did more than once.

Choose Mandalay to Yangon or Yangon to Mandalay

What you find online in terms of Do's and Don'ts for Myanmar travel is likely already out of date.  For example, many warn to book your hotels way ahead.  But, the tourist infrastructure in Myanmar is very fast growing and if you aren't traveling at times like the lunar new year you can usually find accommodation on the spot.   And, all those crisp US$100 bills in your money belt will likely make their way home with you.  There are places that take credit cards; there are cash stations.

The one thing that hasn't changed yet is that most Myanmar tourists arrive in Myanmar by air, and then need to choose between a quasi time-efficient north to south or south to north route.  Limited roads make re-treading same paths somewhat inevitable.

Both north to south or south to north routes afford ample opportunities to see the top Myanmar highlights.  Our thought is that Yangon is a tad rougher than the rest of the country-- our top Burma travel warning beyond what the US State Department will tell you in terms of violent spots to avoid.  If you want to get that behind you start in Yangon.  Or, if you want to soak up as many Myanmar points of interest that allow you to be fully relaxed before you hit what feels more like the typical big city, do as we did and start in Mandalay then heading East, and then South.

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