NEVERTHELESS Film Review – Inspiring Courage

Patricia was a 911 Dispatcher.  When she was assaulted by her supervisor none of her co-workers believed her.  Later, in court, she was told – absurdly, in this writer’s view-- that her case did not meet the legal standard for harassment because it happened only once.  We then learn that the judge in her case was later forced to step down in face of sexual harassment charges against him…

Amaani was a Writers Assistant on a Top TV Show.  She found the vulgar and offensive language used by her colleagues to be offensive.  When she complained she was fired.  The Court ruled that “the creative necessity” protected such language in the workplace and she had to find a new career. This case is still an example pointed to in law schools as exampling the tension between free speech  and a worker’s right to a non-hostile workplace…

Tonya is an Iraqi war veteran and also a rape survivor. Her harassment at Ford Motor Company began on her very first day of work.  That was seven years ago. Daily harassment continues.  Her complaints go unheard.  She lives in a state of fear and paranoia, but she continues to fight…

These are just three of the brave women profiled in NEVERTHELESS.  The film features such intimate portraits——all told with great emotion and pain.  All profiled want to communicate to the whole world.  This Italian writer was so moved by how persistent they are. They show the world how to carry battles courageously, despite countless difficulties.  It is breathtaking to see them teach us how to battle for the truth.

These profiles are framed and introduced by a roundup of events and milestones in fighting for humans rights, starting from Alice Paul with her Equal Rights Amendment in 1923, to The Civil Rights Act on 1964, and reminding of the Clarence Thomas affair in 1991. Quid Pro Quo Harassment, when a favor is granted or expected in return for something, is given prominence.

Nevertheless we persist. Tuttavia noi persistiamo.

Perfectly researched, in this writer’s view, NEVERTHELESS gives a voice of hope for all who were or are being subjected to violence and injustice in the workplace—from sexual harassment, gender-based violence, privilege, toxic masculinity, the transgender experience, and much more. The story has many positive messages about fighting for what you believe in-- believe in yourself, have faith in the future, and persist. You too may be amazed at how persistent the people are.

From an Italian woman’s perspective this film is also a profile of the violence in American culture, starting with the ease of walking into a store to buy a gun.  Would these numbers of 6 of 10 women facing sexual harassment in the workplace be the same if non-violence was taught from nursery to university?  Then again, the numbers regarding sexual harassment worldwide are likely questionable, as so many incidents of sexual abuse and workplace extortion go unreported.

Perhaps the message of this film is for everyone—but clearly it is women foremost who will benefit.  In this reviewer’s opinion, women can best learn from women—such as the brave women profiled in this film.  We need good examples to follow, and they provide such.


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