Northlight Theatre presents HOW A BOY FALLS Review – erasing identities

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A psychological thriller, as opposed to a thriller, adds a why-dun-it to the whodunit question. Steven Dietz’s HOW A BOY FALLS, now its world premiere at Northlight Theatre, makes that clear from the outset: A boy will fall off a cliff and we won’t know who did it till the end. What really propels the story, however, is “why?”: the psychology of the parents and the nanny and two others who get involved in the plot that goes well beyond simple motives of gain or revenge.

Northlight Theatre HOW A BOY FALLS
Knight, Slaughter-Mason, Parris
Northlight Theatre HOW A BOY FALLS
Sean Parris, Cassidy Slaughter-Mason
Northlight Theatre HOW A BOY FALLS
Cassidy Slaughter-Mason, Sean Parris
Northlight Theatre HOW A BOY FALLS
Tim Decker, Michelle Duffy
Northlight Theatre HOW A BOY FALLS
Tim Decker, Travis A Knight

HOW A BOY FALLS questions every identity

The play opens with Chelle (Cassidy Slaughter-Mason) waiting in a coffeehouse to be interviewed by Miranda for a nanny position. Another patron, Mitch (Travis A Knight), strikes up a conversation with Sam (Sean Parris), who has been eyeing the attractive Chelle as he sips his coffee. The two men speculate on the reasons behind her anxious demeanor.

Instead of Miranda, Paul turns up at the coffeehouse to conduct the interview. Chelle presents herself as an experienced caregiver who needs work desperately to settle medical debts from her mother’s illness. Paul shares details about meeting his wife that portray him as a still-besotted husband and equally adoring father. It all comes off as nothing less than the truth. But that vibe doesn’t last.

Evolving personal histories at Northlight Theatre

After Chelle is hired and gets to know Miranda, the details change quickly. Middle-aged Miranda, pretty and sophisticated in her glamorous ocean-side home, reveals herself as an unhappy woman who didn’t want a live-in nanny in the first place. Bluntly, she remarks that Chelle looks several years past her stated age of 24, an observation that turns out to be valid.

As the play progress, who each person is and what they want comes under question. The alliances between the five characters, plus their own personal histories, keep evolving. When one person comes up with information about another, the source is usually an offstage connection (“I know a guy”). The only identity that we can be sure of is 4-year-old Alexander – and he never makes an appearance.

Mostly set in a coldly modern home on the precipice of an unseen ocean, HOW A BOY FALLS fills the stage with psychological textures. The intrigue is rooted in exactly what made the parents wealthy – a company that specializes in wiping its clients’ histories clean. Power in the 21st century lies in manipulating our electronic footprints. According to their separate accounts of their first date, tech whiz Miranda scribbled an algorithm that erases identities on a napkin for Paul (Tim Decker). They married quickly, Paul used Miranda’s idea for a profitable business and, late into their 40s, they had a child.

Halena Kays directs this 75-minute yarn with brisk efficiency, in this reviewer’s opinion. Yet, the production design doesn’t quite support the cast’s well-defined characterizations. Though Rick Sims’ sound effects indicate the water below, the set and lighting do not build on its glorious but perilous presence. Fortunately, Dietz’s script pulls us into his psychological thriller like an Artful Dodger who keeps us guessing about which wallet – which virtual identity card – he’ll pick next.

Northlight Theatre HOW A BOY FALLS
Sean Parris, Travis A Knight
Northlight Theatre HOW A BOY FALLS
Parris, Slaughter-Mason, Knight


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Title: How A Boy Falls
Written by: Steven Dietz
Directed by: Halena Kays


Tim Decker (Paul), Michelle Duffy (Miranda), Travis A. Knight (Mitch), Sean Parris (Sam) and Cassidy Slaughter-Mason (Chelle)



Lizzie Bracken (Set Design), Izumi Inaba (Costume Design), Jason Lynch (Lighting Design), Rick Sims (Sound Design), Jared Davis (Props), Rita Vreeland (Production Stage Manager), Ben Raanan (Assistant Director) and Tanya Palmer (Dramaturg)


Through February 29, 2020

Tuesdays: 7:30pm (January 28 only)
Wednesdays: 1:00pm (except February 19) and 7:30pm
Thursdays: 7:30pm
Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 2:30pm (except January 25); and 8:00pm
Sundays: 2:30pm; and 7:00pm (January 26 and February 23 only)


Northlight Theatre
North Shore
Center for the Performing Arts
9501 Skokie Blvd



For full price tickets and information, go to Northlight Theatre website or call 847.673.6300

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Photos by Michael Brosilow

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