Nova Frontier Film Festival Presents SEGA Review— Failed Migration

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The sounds of screams…

…a struggle to stay afloat in stormy waters…

…the loss of a friend…

These are the memories that haunt Sega throughout the film, as he thinks back on his failed attempt to migrate to Europe. From the moment he returns to his home city of Dakar, Senegal, and begins to cry, we can already tell just how emotionally wrought this man is.

We spend a short time with Sega, but that time illuminates how his failed migration has changed his demeanor and decimated his confidence. We see the issues that led him to migrate—He owes money to people threatening him and his friends. He lacks any hope of opportunities or future at home. An emotional confrontation with the sister of his deceased friend leaves the answer to his problems ambiguous, and reveals the complexity of these choices in real life.

In this writer’s view, the film is brought to life by the striking and emotionally-wrought facial expressions of Alassane Sy as Sega, who masterfully communicates the character’s internal strife. Thanks to the skill of Sy and Director Idil Ibrahim we are able to extrapolate to the situation of real migrants today just like Sega. As we see him stumble through home bearing incredible shame and guilt, we are forced to understand and appreciate the lengths people will go to in order to find a better future.

Nova Frontier Film Festival Brings Immigration Issues to Life 

SEGA is a movie about migration, the search for a better tomorrow, survivor’s guilt, and what we do when we have no hope left. This film is especially recommended for those who wish to understand the human dimensions of complex immigration issues, and why they are such an important part of the equation.

Nova Frontier Film Festival SEGA
Nova Frontier Film Festival SEGA


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Length: 24 minutes

Directed by Idil Ibrahim

Alassane Sy
Nicole Coumba Thiaw
Lamine Mbaye
Fatou Bao
Paper Kane
Malick Dia

For more information, visit director Idil Ibrahim's website.

Images courtesy of Nova Frontier Film Festival

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