Nuns4Fun Entertainment presents CHRISTMAS BINGO Review – Laughing With Our Lady of Good Fortune.

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It’s easy to imagine that you are at parish bingo night after you climb the metal stairs through the beige hallways to the second floor of the Royal George Theatre Center.  There is a creaky elevator if you are not prepared to offer-up a little physical exercise that might assure a CHRISTMAS BINGO win.  Just like the K of C Hall, there is a bar at the back of the room to make a few extra dollars and get the party rolling.

Vicki Quade Founded Nuns4Fun Entertainment

Vicki Quade is the reason for the season—CHRISTMAS BINGO.  Intersticed between quick bingo games, she keeps the audience laughing with her deadpan takes on Catholic Christmas traditions.  Ms. Quade knows how to work the room.  Relying on lessons learned from the nuns (here she plays an ex-nun now in charge of the archdiocese’s bingo fundraising department) she uses her ruler for emphasis, never raises her voice, and enlists willing participants regardless of religion.

CHRISTMAS BINGO prizes abound

There are CHRISTMAS BINGO prizes, curated by retired friend Sister Virginette, who must command discounts from the Salvation Army outlet store.  Think 70’s Christmas albums, VHS Christmas movie cassettes, reindeer gummies and for Jewish BINGO winners, a Barbara Streisand Christmas album.  Holy cards are the best prizes.  The Get Out of Hell Freecard is only given as an award for significant participation.

For this reviewer, attending a Nuns4Fun production is like sipping good spiced red wine—warm, fun and enjoyable,you always come back for more.  For first time audience members, the shtick is side-splitting funny.  And that’s why Vicki Quade and Nuns4Fun crew have been helping us laugh at ourselves for 30 years.

This is a top pick for clean, family holiday fun, regardless of religion.  It’s a bonus if you are Catholic.

Royal George Theatre CHRISTMAS BINGO
Ann Boland (left) and Vicki Quade


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Vicki Quade (Starring role rotates)


Written by Vicki Quade


Through January 5th, 2020
Fridays and Saturday at 8 p.m.
Sundays at 2 p.m.


Royal George Theatre Center
1641 N. Halsted St. LINCOLN PARK



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For full-priced tickets and ticket availability call at 312-988-9000.

Photos by Vicki Quade

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Ann Boland
Portrait by Paul Sierra

Reviewer Ann Boland is committed to Chicago theater. Involved in the audience since the early 80’s, she’s witnessed firsthand the rise of our theater scene, our exceptional local talent, and the vigor of each new generation.  Ann handles public relations for authors and works on programs to help seniors with neurological movement disorders.  Please visit her website for more information.  


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