OH MY GOD SHE’S PARISIAN Review — Our Fast French Friend

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We’re not even five minutes into the show when Julie Colles gets us agreeing that she’s certainly worth the price of admission— even cheaper than a Paris Pizza.  

She’s teasing the guys in the crowd that she’s hip to their ploy to say that the Folies Bergère was sold out of their 200 Euro each tickets.  

She’s teasing the women who are thrilled to be in the so romantic Paris— re-enacting an American accent that somehow manages to be Long Island and Valley Girls both.

She’s teasing the 80 year-old mother in the first row by getting her to say in French “J’ai mal a la chatte” (translation:  My pussy hurts). 

She’s teasing—- period.  She is your funniest ever friend whom you would adore to tease you morning, noon and night.  We may number 80, packed like sardines in this tiny theater, which she reminds us might be a place where bedbugs lurk.  First and foremost, she makes fun of herself and especially those parts of her self that are quintessentially Parisian.  

OH MY GOD SHE’S PARISIAN  Decodes the Cranky Locals in Our Midst

Animated to near mania level at times, Colles is a bouncing ball of magnetic energy. We travel with her on the Metro, in Paris gridlock, on bike and scooter.  We walk her children to school, eager to get back to drinking our morning coffee without their annoying presence.  Later we thank Macron’s wife for demonstrating that in 20 years she will be able to sleep with her sons’ friends.  We squeeze into a super small studette apartment, learning the benefits of being able to cook while on the toilet.  We feel the pressure of hosting a Parisian dinner party, and especially if ignorant guests like us actually show up at the designated hour.   She suggests we make friends with the person sitting next to us in the theater, because the chances of making a Parisian friend are less than zero.  Except for her—- a fast French friend for sure, who will come outside the theater at the end and smile warmly at each of us as she shakes our hand.


Learn more and book tickets on the Julie Collas OH MY GOD SHE'S A PARISIAN website.


Slider photos by Peter Kachergis.  All other photos courtesy of OH MY GOD SHE'S A PARISIAN.

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