ORSOLA MAINARDIS JEWELS Showroom Review – Jewel Case, In All Senses

The atelier is also an inviting home, overflowing with plush comforts and even turtles in the yard

Even if you rarely read fashion magazines, the look of Orsola Mainardis accessories will likely feel both familiar and a definition of style.  When you learn that Gwyneth Paltrow liked a certain piece, it doesn’t surprise.  Rather, the encyclopedia of images of her and similar trend-setting actresses gets you scouring your memory banks to recall which ones were sporting Orsola Mainardis jewelry and other accessories.

Always with a round or square focal point, there are necklaces that can be wrapped in various ways to accompany ball gowns, backless dresses or be worn with more casual wear.  They are transformers, morphing to work with the wardrobe.  The color of the sky when Orsola walks her dog in the morning might dictate the color palate of the day’s creation.  She makes about 500 pieces a year—necklaces, matching shoes, purses and more.  Every piece has a decade-long guarantee.

Lovely as the pieces are as standalones, this writer can’t help but think that in situ, the plush atelier commands you to apprehend that they truly are treasures.  The atelier showroom is a cornocupia--with pillows made from high-quality Rubelli silks, elaborate tassel work made by Orsola’s mother, colors and textures galore, jewels glittering in every corner.  The collections also command you to touch them, and this is exactly what Orsola wants. Yes, you can find these in a boutique here or there, but in this showroom you sense just how lavish the overall collections are.

Originally, making these jewelry pieces was Orsola’s hobby.  When her father passed away in 2002 it became more—a way to grieve and recover.  Learning this, you too might agree that this bounty does have the look of deep soul stirrings from an artist.

For more information visit the Orsola Mainardis Jewels website.

To  arrange a visit to Orsola Mainardis Jewels, or visits to other Venetian ateliers preserving traditional crafts, or for referral to authentic Venetian restaurantsand other Venice adventures contact Ornella Naccari of ON-View Travel Agency, a member of the Divertimento Group.

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