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The sound of waves crashing and the rustling of sand on a calm night is accompanied by soft instrumental music as we see a sea turtle come to land to lay her eggs.

A Sea Turtle Story takes us on a nine-minute journey through the life of a sea turtle. The stop-motion animation follows one turtle as it starts in the sand, travels to the ocean, then back onto the sand as an adult to start the cycle once again. The short has no dialogue and no presence of humans - except for one moment where the light of a flashlight is seen with the sound of keys jingling.


With a simple - yet educational - premise, the visuals were able to take center stage.As the turtle moved through the sand, we can see the details of the grains of sand. The texture the tracks left looked as real as the sand we would find on the beach ourselves. The movement and look of the water are more fabric-like. The creators also took advantage of the landscape. At the start, we see the greenery of the forest. When the turtles reach the water, we get to appreciate the dynamics of the ocean floor. Different sea creatures move in and out of frame as they weave through colorful coral.

While the story is simple, the life cycle is rooted in reality. Only about half of the young sea turtles make it into the water, and others get taken by predators. The shrinking number of turtles is highlighted by the shift in music, from lighthearted to somber sounds.

Another Stop Animation Gem from OVID.tv

A Sea Turtle Story is a great short for those who enjoy stop-motion animation and for younger audiences to learn about the life cycle of sea turtles.



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Directed by Kathy Shultz

To view the film, visit OVID.tv page for A Sea Turtle Story

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