Ovid.tv Presents ANGELS WEAR WHITE Film Review – Sexual Violence in China

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Mia is an undocumented worker at a hotel in China. She is without family and a home, and she doesn’t even know how old she is. All she knows is that she is fortunate enough to have found work and a place to stay at the hotel. She keeps her head down and stays out of trouble.

One night, during her late night shift, Mia checks in a man and two girls. Mia asks how many rooms he needs. “Two” he replies agitatedly. Mia senses something may be off, but asks for their ID’s anyway. The man hands his over his documents but implies the two girls do not have theirs. Mia looks over at the two girls. They look very young in age and one is wearing a blonde wig.  Mia is weary, but the girls seem to be okay as they giggle and talk to one another as Mia proceeds with the transaction.

Later that night, Mia is cleaning up around the hotel, emptying the trash, dusting and sweeping. After she finishes, she goes into the security room and checks the surveillance cam. The man appears drunk and is trying to get into the girls’ room. Mia views the girls struggle to keep him out until their attempts prove unsuccessful. The man pushes through and closes the door behind him. Mia stares at the screen for a few more moments, and the scene ends.

OVID.tv ANGELS WEAR WHITE Paints a Personal and Complicated Picture

Written and directed by Vivian Qu, the film is fast paced and colorful. There are peaceful moments at the beach where you are accompanied by the sound of the waves, birds and youthful laughter. In some scenes, there is more silence than words. The film follows Mia and Wen, one of the girls who the man checked in with that night.  The film shows you Mia’s and Wen's personal lives, opening up the emotional and cultural dilemmas of the film.

This film is emotionally driven and eye-opening for those who would like tapping into a different culture’s perspective of sexual violence. It can offer a unique educational opportunity.


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Director/Writer: Vivian Qu
Producers: Sean Chen, Alain de la Ma
Music: Zi Wen
Cinematography: Benoît Dervaux
Film Editing: Hongyu Yang

For more information on this film and how to see it, please view the OVID.tv webpage for ANGELS WEAR WHITE.

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Destynee Bolton

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