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In a small house, a boy runs as fast as he can up the stairs. His father chases behind him. The boy shuts and locks the door just in time to block his father. Out of breath, the boy inhales twice with his inhaler and panics as his father tries to break down the door. His father is able to punch through the door, but as he does so, the boy escapes through the window. The girl next door brings a ladder to help him escape and then, they both bolt down an alleyway. They keep running farther and farther away from their homes — seeing it as the only option for a better life. 

Just moments ago, the boy, Dylan, had tried to protect his mom from being abused by his father. After the father throws a punch, Dylan throws a bottle at his father. Consumed by rage, the father chases his son as the mother pleads him to stop. 

Kisses, a film directed by Lance Daly, is a coming-of-age story of two runaways. The film follows Dylan and Kylie, neighbors in a small town in Ireland, who try to escape their realities at home by running away. We follow their adventures through one night away from home. They become friends with strangers, walk around the city and wistfully spend all their money away.

Ovid.tv Film Showcases The Duality Of Fantasy And Reality

For a while, Dylan and Kylie seem to be having the picture-perfect night. They are free to do what they want when they want. However, the film always reminds us that this is temporary. These fleeting moments are just distractions from their tough realities at home. Their happy and youthful moments are pieced together in a kind of montage-like editing style. We only see a montage of their best moments as they try to forget their troubles. 

From this writer’s view, the compelling performances by Kelly O’Neill and Shane Curry are what pull us in deeper into the narrative of these two friends. They are able to convey the innocence of children while also carrying the weight of broken homes. And, it is their relationship that makes the film extremely real. 

If you want to see a film with lots of action and a complex narrative, this film may not be for you. However, if you enjoy a more minimal film that solely focuses on the characters, this film will likely work for you. Surprising, moving and unapologetically real — Kisses is perfect for those who love seeing the ups and downs in coming-of-age stories. 


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Written and directed by:
Lance Daly

Kelly O’Neill
Shane Curry
Paul Roe
Neili Conroy
Cathy Malone
David Bendito
Elizabeth Fuh
Stephen Rea

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Sabrina Lee

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