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ovid.tv The Candidate

He’s a spoiled rich kid, now middle aged, who never really worked for a living or had any success of his own, though he nurtures a patina of being a successful businessman.  He’s childlike, and in short order you realize he seems to be less than reality based.  He’s decided – or someone has- that he should go into politics and run for President.  We might have thought he originated this idea to run for office, but when we see he isn’t even up to making decisions about what serve at a luncheon barbeque, we think otherwise.  We also begin to notice that his ideas are fixed only as long as someone else doesn’t give him an alternate view that newly feels better.

Sound familiar?

ovid.tv The Candidate

No, this is not a Trump spoof with a point of view.  Or, to equivocate in the spirit of the aforementioned protagonist of this story, maybe this 2017 Uruguayan film directed by actor/director Daniel Hendler is exactly that.

The action, muted though it is, takes place on a sprawling Uruguayan estate, giving most of us a rare view of how the other 0.1% in Latin America live.  Security is high, and a group of marketing agency handlers have arrived to groom the campaign imagery and social media feeds.

ovid.tv The Candidate

The Candidate Humor is Wry—from Beginning to End (Almost)

By this reviewer’s lights, we are so entertained by the wry lampooning of these marketers’ attempts to find the perfect bird, tree and typography for THE CANDIDATE that the subplot of sub rosa intrigue by environmental activists is almost missable—until the end.   Prepare yourself for the mood changing in flash.  No spoiler here--- other than to say that if you shudder at the thought of soulless sociopaths getting into power, this ending confirms your greatest fear.


If you are a political junkie of progressive persuasion you can count on this for a mild chuckle.  If you are looking for a film that rocks your world and expectations, this isn’t your best choice.  Come for entertainment, and a light mood.

ovid.tv The Candidate
ovid.tv The Candidate


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