OVID.tv Presents THREADS Review – Growing Connections


The music quiets as the camera pans down. We see people smiling and jumping, trying to grab hold onto a piece of thread. Once they do, they take flight. Each thread leading them to someone.


There are both moments with music and moments of quiet with only the sound of footsteps, a bike ringing, and the birds chirping. The graphics are simple but colorful. When we first take flight we see images of the city and a forest. These are the most colorful, detailed moments of the short. For the most part, the background is often a simple sky or cityscape. With no distraction, we are able to focus on the mother and child. Before our eyes, an intentional bond begins to form.


Threads is a short film about the bond we have with our parents, love, and ultimately letting go.

The short eight minutes lack dialogue. But words aren’t needed to feel the emotions. The child begins to grow before our eyes but in a subtle way that we don’t even notice it at first, evoking a sense of melancholy for this writer.

Anyone who has a strong bond with their loved ones may feel touched by Threads, and it is likely especially poignant for parents.



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Director: Torill Kove

To view the film, visit OVID.tv page for Threads 

Images courtesy of OVID.tv


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Lisa Ryou

About the Author:

Lisa Ryou is from a suburb of Chicago. Having lived near Chicago her whole life, she is no stranger to the creative scene of the city. She is currently studying History, Museum Studies, and Art at the University of Michigan. She has been involved in fine arts her whole life and tries to use her works, both art and writing, as a way to give voice to BIPOC. When she is not at school, you can find her baking, reading, painting, or taking photos.

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