OVID.tv Short Film I AM HERE Review — The Isolation Of The Learned


The majority of I Am Here, an experimental short film from director Eoin Duffy, consists of a single monologue, spoken by a floating head. The head (voiced by Nicholas Campbell), explains that it has gathered “the cumulative knowledge of countless worlds...fueled by one goal...a goal which has taken me to this place.” The place in question: a tangerine void of shapes and ethereal music, ever warping and twisting as the head speaks.


With such a short run time (five minutes and two seconds), it’s difficult not to discuss Duffy’s film in detail without spoiling its ending, or its intended message. Although the film utilizes simple visuals to get its theme across, the topics it touches on are heavy to consider. One of the shortest films among OVID.tv’s offerings, I Am Here is certainly worth a watch, in this writer’s view, for any viewers willing to dip into its heady musings on the nature of knowledge. Humans aim to learn more, to grow our stockpile of wisdom––but to what end? “I am here,” says the head. But where are we?


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Director: Eoin Duffy

Image courtesy of OVID.tv


Zach Barr

About the Author:

Zach Barr (they/them) is a freelance director and writer based in the Chicagoland area. Their work has previously been featured by Newcity Stage, Scapi Magazine, and on their own blog The Hanslick Girls. Zach serves as the Literary Associate at Sideshow Theatre Company, and is a recurring participant in Chicago Dramatists’ Playwrights Aloud series. Find Zach Barr on social (@AdmiralZachBarr), or on their website.

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