OVID.tv Short Film HEDGEHOG’S HOME Review — Wilderness Life as Poetry

A yellow-orange mushroom sprung from the dirt, a small green frog hopping across leaves, the petite feet of the gentle protagonist, “Hedgehog”—these are the opening shots of the short animated film HEDGEHOG’S HOME, written and directed by Eva Cvijanović.

In this 10-minute short, the animation is likely not the kind you would think of when picturing traditional animated films. Animal characters, along with every other element in this short, are constructed from wool and appear soft to the touch. The film also utilizes stop-motion animation, giving these furry friends a liveliness other animation styles cannot achieve and an all too precious feel, in this writer’s view.

Poetic dialogue, showcased in every utterance from characters, brings an intelligence to a plot-line centered on why being humble and taking the high road brings great reward. Music, too, plays a large role in this film, specifically onomatopoeia-esque sound effects, as when a deep drum thumps in the background as Hedgehog pats his full belly after a lavish meal.

What ushers this film into our hearts, in this reviewer’s opinion, is the spot-on, universal experiences many humans share showcased in the life of a tender, unassuming hedgehog. The peace and warmth we find in our humble abodes—“My home, sweet home, where I feel free”; the distance we must take from others in search of ourselves; and fighting the negative opinions of others’ who look into our lives.

“Hedgehog is fearless, everyone knows.”

This viewer would find it hard for anyone to dislike this film, yet, it is especially suited for lovers of universal stories and all things cute.


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Images courtesy of OVID.tv


Photo by Mike Rundle

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Margaret Smith is a writer, editor, and critic achieving her B.A. from Columbia College Chicago. Having migrated from small-town Illinois, she now dwells in Chicago with a curious eye for art and a penchant for commentary. When not putting pen to paper, you might catch her about the city sipping coffee and filling in crossword puzzles.

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