OVID.tv Short Film SHYNESS Review — Encouragement Goes a Long Way


It was a dark and stormy night in the halls of a creepy mansion, perched on a hill. There, a comical take on Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, and Frankenstein Monster—who all go by different names in this animated spoof—shows us why it is both important and necessary to be encouraging and friendly to those who struggle with coming out of their shells.

“He is either shy or dead.”

“You forgot stupid.”

After being zapped to life, the monster—who prefers to go by the name “Dennis” in this 10-minute short—is incredibly shy and it is up to the good doctor and his right hand man, Trevor, to get him adjusted to the world.

However, this film doesn’t only employ jabs at the tropes of the traditional Frankenstein story for laughs, or colorful cute sock puppets for comic relief, it also insists upon being just as informative as it is fun.

The doctor spews factual information on why some of us are more shy than others, and the number of ways we can combat this obstacle in our lives—including encouragement and welcoming from others, going out of our way to meet new people, and even love.

In a turn of events, this informative short turns romantic as “Project X,” a female living monster, is introduced to Dennis because “the desire to find a life partner is a strong incentive to overcome shyness.”

This short could be beneficial to children or adults who face shyness and may even teach them a thing or two, while also giving anyone who watches it a chuckle at the absurd.


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