OVID.tv Short Film THE CLOCKMAKERS Review — Simplicity in Movement


Black outlined figures and black, red, and grey geometric shapes comprise this word-less film. Four minutes of nothing but music allow the figures on screen to converse using only their movements—this is THE CLOCKMAKERS.


One figure jumps from a line, tucks into itself, and when it expands again, it becomes two people. This multiplication of figures and their interactions with one another suggests to us perhaps that the relevance of their bodies and their connection is what we are to be watching, while not reading in-depth to anything we see on the screen.

It does not happen very often it seems, but sometimes a film’s existence is for visual amusement only. With well-fitted instrumentals and gymnast-like movement’s this film is a feast for the eyes while our mind’s sit on the back burner for once.

For those looking for said visual pleasure, look no further than this short animated film.


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Read the OVID.tv webpage about THE CLOCKMAKERS

Images courtesy of OVID.tv

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