Paramount Theatre Presents NEWSIES Review – The Story We Need

Like the chord struck within all of us when an underdog defeats their foe, the David and Goliath parallels in Paramount Theatre’s NEWSIES resonate deeply.

But it isn’t just the poor’s struggle for equal rights that is hitting all the right notes in this performance.  From the stellar ensemble, to the electrifying orchestra, to the breathtaking production, Paramount Theatre’s NEWSIES is right on key.

Paramount Theatre NEWSIES
(from left) Travis Austin Wright, Jarais Musgrove and Evan C. Dolan

Paramount Theatre Gives Us a Story of All for One, and One for All

From the moment the curtain rises, we feel the enormity of New York City weighing down on Jack Kelly (performed by a magnetic Alex Prakken) and Crutchie (a heartbreaking Michael Kurowski). Reaching the stars seems impossible, and Jack and Crutchie dream together of a southwestern getaway. As the sun rises and the delivery boys rise for the morning grind, a pervasive sentiment of family and community is felt. The young men greet each other, cracking jokes and making the best of an otherwise dismal situation.

Paramount Theatre NEWSIES
Justine Cameron (left) is brash young journalist Katherine Plumber, and Alex Prakken

Cut to the Goliath of our story, Mr. Joseph Pulitzer (played very sinisterly by Bret Tuomi). He meets with his team of business associates in a lavish office to discuss profit margins and bottom lines. We see how the sausage gets made in terms of cutting costs, raising projected sales, and zeroing in on dollar signs without taking the humans behind the operation into consideration. And with one fell swoop of a pen, the lives of delivery boys all over the five burroughs is put at risk.

Paramount Theatre NEWSIES
High flying Evan C. Dolan is one of the fleet-footed

With the threat of lost wages on the horizon, this team of highly polished performers kick the show into high gear.   We  all feel the stakes being raised. The threat of scabs and disunity seems unlikely.  From bringing down political Tycoons, to attacking an impressive Tap number,  this ensemble as a whole leaves no one behind. That being said, the performances of a few ensemble members, namely Jordan De Leon and Nich O’Neil, stuck out to this writer as truly captivating, their big number performances filled with the spirit of their unrelenting attacks on Big Business.

Paramount Theatre NEWSIES
Newsboys go on strike to show a greedy publishing tycoon they’re not going to be pushed into the gutter

William Bowles’ larger-than-life scenery and Joe Burke’s nuanced projection design intertwine seamlessly, taking us to that magical New York City of the turn of the 20th century as seen by those left in the gutters. The two mediums intertwine through music and scenic shifts in a delicate duet that always supports the storytelling, in the opinion of this writer, a fellow stagecraft professional.

While NEWSIES takes place in New York City, it’s a story for Chicagoans too. The struggle of the working class to overcome adversity is a tale as old as time. The performers remind and inspire us to work together in the face of our systemic foes, and that we are all stronger when we work together.

NEWSIES is especially a top pick for lovers of talented performers in the musical genre.

Highly Recommended

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Warning: strong haze is used throughout the performance

Music: Alan Menken
Lyrics: Jack Feldman
Book: Harvey Fierstein
Director:  Jim Corti


Alex Prakken, Michael Kurowski, Koray Tarhan, Nathaniel Buescher, Daniel Font-Wilets, Evan C. Dolan, Nich O’Neil, Christopher John Kelley, Jordan De Leon, Jonny Stein, Grant Carriker, Ivory Leonard IV, Anthony Avino, Tom Avery, Jarais Musgrove, Joe Capstick, Travis Austin Wright, Drew Porrett, Luke Halpern, Justine Cameron, Kevin Corbett, Ken Singleton, Vasily Deris, Bret Tuomi, John Gurdian, Ryan Dooley, Ann Delaney, Neil Lee Friedman, Michael Ehlers, Jerica Exum, Katherine Lee Bourne,  Haley Jane Schafer


Choreographer - Joshua Blake Carter
Music Director and Conductor – Tom Vendafreddo
Set Designer – William Boles
Lighting Designer – Victoria Bain
Sound Designer – Adam Rosenthal
Projection Designer – Joe Burke
Costume Designer – Jordan Ross
Props Designer – Jesse Gaffney
Stage Manager – Matthew McMullen
Assistant Stage Manger – Maegan Burnell
Electronic Music Designer – Ethan Deppe
Dialect Coach – Susan Gosdick
Fight Choreographer – Bobby Wilhelmson
Assistant Director & Casting Director – Trent Stork
Production Manager – Jonathan D. Allsup


Thru October 20
Wednesday at 1:30pm and 7pm
Thursday at 7pm
Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 3pm and 8pm
Sunday at 1pm and 5:30pm


Paramount Theatre
8 East Galena Blvd. 
Aurora, IL 60506


$36+ (Discounts for students, artists, etc.)

For full-priced tickets and ticket availability information visit the Paramount Aurora website  or call 630.896.6666

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Photos: Liz Lauren

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