Park Avenue Armory presents THE SIX BRANDENBURG CONCERTOS – De Keersmaeker walks with Bach

Sixteen dancers, all dressed in black, walk towards the audience in a horizontal line. They move matter of factly - in sync with each other and with the music. When they reach the front edge of the stage, they turn away from us and walk back upstage . Then, they repeat the sequence. Then they repeat it again. And again. The repetition of the rhythmic walking throughout most of this first piece seems to be encouraging us (and allowing us the time) to connect what we see with what we hear. And what we hear is the first of Bach’s incredible Brandenburg Concertos.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, along with her company Rosas, has brought The Six Brandenburg Concertos to the Thompson Arts Center at Park Avenue Armory for its North American premiere. Bear with this digression for a moment to say that if you have not yet seen this astonishing venue, you must! The rooms are rich in history and grandeur and yet have a coziness to them. And then there’s the drill hall itself! One of New York City’s largest column free spaces, it is magnificent and vast with endless possibilities for staging, especially for projects of scale.


From this cavernous hall, scenographer and lighting designer Jan Versweyveld has carved out a stunning playing space - a very large, white circular stage with vertically hanging, silver-toned strips that get farther apart as they move to either side of a white backdrop. This setting, along with the opportunity to hear the virtuosity of Bach, adds great anticipation to the opening.

A gentleman recognizes each new movement within the first few notes and proceeds to sway or tap his fingers in time - at one point closing his eyes to savor the music on its own.

J.S. Bach’s score is quite expressively performed live by the B’Rock Orchestra, also in their North American debut. The audience is clearly passionate about  the live performance of this classic.  It is no wonder Ms. De Keersmaeker looks to Bach for her latest work, further proof that Bach’s music remains as moving and inspiring as ever.


One might interpret the elegant restraint of the choreography of the first concerto as a subtle promise that the evening’s program would later soar! However, in this writer’s view,  throughout the successive concertos, the movement remains quite pedestrian, both in composition and execution. There are certainly inspired moments - effortlessly fluid changes of formation and occasional bursts of humor, including a scene-stealing cameo from a friendly white dog on a leash. The company of dancers consists of twelve men and four women. They are obviously very musical, accomplished performers but unfortunately, in this full-length dance piece they rarely dance with the precision and abandon that matches Bach’s transcendence.

Be sure to look out for Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s choreography in the highly anticipated Broadway revival of West Side Story, to be directed by Ivo van Hove, slated to open in 2020.

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All Photos by Stephanie Berger.

The Six Brandenburg Concertos - North American Premiere

Park Avenue Armory Oct 1-7th, 2018

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Amandine Beyer

Music Director An D’Huys

Costume Designer 
Jan Versweyveld Sceneographer and Lighting Design

Created and danced by Rosas with music by B’Rock Orchestra

Rosas Dancers:

Boštjan Antončič, Carlos Garbin, Frank Gizycki, Marie Goudot, Robin Haghi, Cynthia Loemij, Mark Lorimer, Michaël Pomero, Jason Respilieux, Igor Shyshko, Luka Švajda, Jakub Truszkowski, Thomas Vantuycom, Samantha van Wissen, Sandy Williams, Sue Yeon Youn

B’Rock Orchestra:

Amandine Beyer (violin solo), Jivka Kaltcheva, David Wish, Violin
Manuela Bucher, Luc Gysbregts, Marta Páramo, Violas
Rebecca Rosen, Frédéric Baldassare, Julien Barre, Cellos
Frédéric Baldassare, Julien Barre, Viola da gamba
Tom Devaere, Double Bass and Violone
Manuel Granatiero, Traverso
Paolo Grazzi, Stefaan Verdegem, Jon Olaberria, Oboe
Benny Aghassi, Bassoon
Fruszi Hara, Trumpet
Bart Aerbeydt, Mark De Merlier, Horn
Bart Coen, Benny Aghassi, Recorder
Andreas Küppers, Cembal

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Allison Plamondon

Allison Plamondon is a choreographer, director, teacher and performer originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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