Physical Theater Festival Presents THE WOMAN WHO DREAMED Review — Journey Of Self-Discovery

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A woman walks along in a room as cards flash in front of her. One card has written, Be an entrepreneur while sleeping. Another writes, Eat without gaining weight. Someone behind the camera switches out the cards. Each card is different and has a different dream written on it. As the woman begins to walk faster and faster, the cards are changed faster and faster. There is an urgency in her movement as she tries to grabs the cards passing her by. Each time, these cards and the dreams they speak to are just out of her reach.

Suddenly, she stops and directly looks into the camera. She asks, Which one do I choose? Which would you choose? Then, we realize she is talking directly to us. She wants to really hear our answers. About fifty people turn their microphones and yell out their answers. Make money while asleep, one person says. As we all shout our choices, the woman begins to run again. She abandons all of these choices and begins her journey of self-discovery. We follow the journey that takes her within herself into a dream state.

Physical Theater Festival Showcases Theater In A New Way

THE WOMAN WHO DREAMED is a theater performance exclusively made for Zoom. The artists perform live with practical sets and clever camera work to tell the story. Everyday objects were used as props to create this dream state. When the woman holds a glass of water in front of the camera, suddenly, this glass of water becomes an ocean that the woman drowns in. Because the glass of water is so close to the camera, it creates the illusion of an endless sea that the woman is now submerged in.

Then, in her dream state, her arm becomes a mountain to climb. With one arm, the actress creates an incline, and with the other arm, her fingers become the representation of her. Two of her fingers walk up her arm illustrating a scene of a woman hiking up a mountain. The performance relies on us to use our imagination to finish creating this dream state.

Cia De Teatro Manual creates a new way to enjoy theater while staying at home without sacrificing their art or storytelling. THE WOMAN WHO DREAMED is perfect for the theater-goers who miss the live experience.


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Performance by Cia De Teatro Manual 

This performance is now over but for more information on other streamed performances, please visit the Physical Theater Festival website.

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Sabrina Lee

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