Porchlight Music Theatre Presents NEW FACES SING BROADWAY 1939 Review – Love Letter to Musical Theatre

Porchlight Music Theatre - NEW FACES SING BROADWAY 1939
Andrés Enriquez, Anne Lorentzen, Christian Lane Green, Director Keely Vasquez, Carisa Gonzalez, Frederick Harris and Host Rob Lindley, (Bottom) Charlie Mann, Nik Kmiecik, Sally Staats, Cherise Thomas and Laura Sportiello in Porchlight Music Theatre's "New Faces Sing Broadway 1939"

People that love musicals, both successful and not so successful, will absolutely adore this homage to a classic year on Broadway. Porchlight Music Theatre has created a series of cabarets in which new Chicago musical theatre stars sing songs from different shows in one particular year of Broadway history. The result delights the musical geek in each audience member.

Porchlight Music Theatre - NEW FACES SING BROADWAY 1939
Host Rob Lindley

History and Entertainment

The evening, charmingly hosted by Rob Lindley, combines a Broadway history lesson with amazing renditions of classic showtunes. Before each performance, Lindley describes the show in which the song can be found. Context, cast lists and plot lines are given so the song brings a higher level of enjoyment. Some songs are well known, while others probably won’t be heard outside the walls of the cozy, yet glitzy, Uptown Underground.

Chicago’s wealth of young talent alone could sell these songs. However, Porchlight Music Theatre takes it a step further and projects images of the shows, playbills, newspaper clippings, etc. while the singers wow the crowd. It truly is a window into a world the audience would not otherwise be privy to.

Porchlight Music Theatre - NEW FACES SING BROADWAY 1939
Cherise Thomas

Porchlight Music Theatre Introduces New Talent

Ten of Chicago’s most promising new musical theatre stars have been assembled for this magical evening of music. Carisa Gonzalez opened the show with a sassy rendition of My Heart Belongs to Daddy. This set the tone for the entire evening. Nik Kmiecik channeled the spirit of Danny Kaye in an unbelievably endearing and hilarious version of the comedic Anatole of Paris. Kmiecik embodies everything you hope for in a new star. He has charm, comedic timing, beautiful vocals and an inherent joy that is infectious.

Porchlight Music Theatre - NEW FACES SING BROADWAY 1939
Nik Kmiecik, Charlie Mann, Andrés Enriquez, Frederick Harris and Christian Lane Green

The audience was treated to the delectable lyrics of Cole Porter’s At Long Last Love and a sing-a-long of one of his more famous songs Friendship while literally surrounded by the cast.

Porchlight Music Theatre - NEW FACES SING BROADWAY 1939
Sally Staats

While this series of concerts moves around to different venues, Uptown Underground is a perfect setting for this heavenly evening. It has just the right amount of low light to give it the sultry feel of a late night cabaret club. The intimate table seating keeps the audience close together and close to the show. By the end of the night, everyone feels like best friends. By the time the finale of Over the Rainbow mashed up with When You Wish Upon a Star, there was no face without a smile.

Photos by Austin Packard


Top Pick For: The Musical Theatre Obsessed
Not recommended for: Musical Haters


October 24, 2017

Next New Faces:

February 26 and 27, 2018 (1959)
June 4 and 5, 2018 (1975)


Uptown Underground, 4707 N. Broadway, Chicago


For tickets visit Porchlight Musical Theatre online

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