Anderson Mwakazi, Benard Kaisa and Simon Mwanjala Present PRAY FOR NATURE Music Video Review — Message on Deforestation

“One calm day I heard a big boom, 

I couldn't believe my eyes it was a sign of doom, 

A big bulldozer fell the noble tree, 

The locals who were watching were cheering with glee,

I was lost in the midst of the cheers and the dust, 

Tears filled my eyes as I watched in disgust,”

The lyrics describe a bulldozer knocking down a tree in a village. The rapper sings of many people watching the scene in front of them and cheering on as the tree falls. However, the narrator describes himself crying in disgust, as nature is destroyed before his eyes.

This is the music video for Pray for Nature by the Kenyan rap stars Anderson Mwakazi (Harshkid Luckystah), Benard Kaisa (Ben Kaizah), and Simon Mwanjala (Popsodah). Behind the video is a message about the climate crisis and the need to stop deforestation. Wildlife Works, a conservation business, and its development partner Everland sponsored Anderson Mwakazi to write and record the song.

While listening to Pray for Nature, we hear a steady, rhythmic beat driving the song. This beat is consistent throughout, only slightly changing at a certain point to emphasize different lyrics. The beat that you hear is a drumbeat mixed with some electronic sound effects for a unique sound. From time to time, an electronic horn-like sound will pop in, causing a break in the repetitive rhythm.


Pray for Nature has a beat that will make you want to dance

You too might feel that this song is one that gives off the energy of wanting to dance. Its rolling and rhythmic beat pervades the song and video. . In many shots, we see various groups of people dancing out in nature. Some dance in synch, while others just let the beat guide them as they move. 

As we see various people dancing, the screen is also filled with green—green fields, trees, hills, etc. Most of all, we see the nature that the musicians are singing about.  The lyrics tell us what they want to protect; the visuals show us what they are referencing throughout the song. 

We also hear different dynamics in the music. At certain parts of Pray for Nature, the music is quieter, which allows for us to hear the lyrics and focus on them. Then, there are no lyrics and as the music gets louder, we can focus more on the music and its energetic beat.

The lyrics in Pray for Nature plea for change 

While the music in this song sounds upbeat, the lyrics themselves are not upbeat nor joyful. The overall message behind the song is that people need to work on saving the environment, in particular trees. While we hear the more positive beat, we also hear lyrics with a powerful message about deforestation. 

“Forests have vanished, fading away, like the evening sun, 

From earth we’ll be banished, sent away, life’s gone and done.”

With these lyrics, the rappers compare the forests disappearing to the sun setting as a method of putting into perspective how fast deforestation is happening. 

And then a call to action, 

“So protect the trees and avoid strife,

 When you save the trees, you are saving your life.”

In this reviewer’s opinion, you do not need to love rap to love this song and music video. This is a good example of entry-level rap that a wide range of people can enjoy. If you are looking to explore the genre of rap, especially rap with a message, this would be a good fit for you. Also, if you are interested in music with a powerful and clear message, this would appeal to you as well. 


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Performers: Anderson Mwakazi (Harshkid Luckystah), Benard Kaisa (Ben Kaizah), and Simon Mwanjala (Popsodah)
Executive Producer: Gerald Prolman
Video Directors: Ess Ell, King Cool

Check out the music video for Pray for Nature. 

Learn more about Wildlife Works.  

Images courtesy of Pray for Nature

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Alicia Kobasic

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