Pride Films & Plays Presents PERFECT ARRANGEMENT Review – A Pre-Stonewall Bedroom Farce

(LEFT TO RIGHT): Amber Snyder as Kitty Sunderson, Eric Lindahl as Bob Martindale, Riley Mondragon as Millie Martindale. Photo: Paul Goyette

It turns out this arrangement is anything but perfect, though Topher Payne’s award winning script delivers humor and pathos in one wild wallop. This 1950s period piece takes us on a fierce ride of rotating faux households kept by a lipstick lesbian couple and a gay male couple. It is Ricky and Lucy and Fred and Ethel laughs until the Red Scare of McCarthy-ism forces a witch hunt for deviants, perverts and other security risks in the U.S. State Department where two of them risk exposure.

Perfect Arrangement — a Pride Films & Plays Storefront Gem

The ensemble of actors in this jewel scarcely contains a false note. The set and costuming easily transport to the days when women wore full-skirted dresses with crinoline linings while men wore high-waisted suit trousers with sharp creases. Bob and Norma are prototype State Department employees. Bob’s beard wife, Millie, allows him to enjoy his lover Jim. Norma’s beard husband, Jim, allows her to enjoy her true love, Millie. Their adjoining apartments, connected by the metaphorical closet door allow just-in-time exits when the boss and his wife come calling.

(LEFT TO RIGHT): Lane Anthony Flores as Jim Baxter, Eric Lindahl as Bob Martindale. Photo: Paul Goyette
(LEFT TO RIGHT): Autumn Teague as Norma Baxter, Riley Mondragon as Millie Martindale Photo: Paul Goyette

The comedy is delivered in an endless round of adroit verbal bait and switch maneuvers master-minded by stay-at-home-wife, Millie, played by Riley Mondragon. Millie keeps the household appearing spotlessly heterosexual. The boss’ wife, Kitty Sunderson, grows increasingly enamored with the wife of her husband’s employee, judging her to be the perfect friend for opera, manicures and hat shopping. Kitty is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic and is easily foiled. Not so for Mr. Sanderson, who invites the witch-hunt for homosexuals. It will be another 15 years before gay is used readily over the preferred faggot that rolls off Sanderson’s tongue without a second thought.

Amber Snyder as Kitty Sunderson Photo: Paul Goyette
(LEFT TO RIGHT): Autumn Teague as Norma Baxter, Amber Snyder as Kitty Sunderson, Riley Mondragon as Millie Martindale. Photo: Paul Goyette
(LEFT TO RIGHT): Eric Lindahl as Bob Martindale, Riley Mondragon as Millie Martindale, Lane Anthony Flores as Jim Baxter, Autumn Teague as Norma Baxter, Amber Snyder as Kitty Sunderson, Armando Reyes as Theodore Sunderson. Photo: Paul Goyette

Enter the Woman Not to be Crossed

Barbara Grant, played by Kelli Harrington, is twenty years ahead of her time. A crafty lesbian whose private life has hitherto flown under the radar, Barbara’s job is now on the line. We get the pleasure of watching a strong woman embark on the fight of her life; for her professional reputation and eventually her integrity. This is where the script turns from farce to fight — from smoke and mirrors to truth-telling with the stops pulled out.

Bob, played by Eric Lindahl is the handsome, Brylcreem heart throb love of Jim’s life. His slick-backed hair and broad-shouldered swagger belie the question he is immersed in. Can he maintain the ruse of a heterosexual marriage, keep his job, his lover and his integrity? Desperate times call for desperate measures. This man is the lynch pin in the scheme that controls the foursome’s destiny.

Kelli Harrington as Barbara Grant Photo: Paul Goyette
Eric Lindahl as Bob Martindale. Photo: Paul Goyette

Slamming Doors and White Lies

It is mildly ironic that Perfect Arrangement bears a strong resemblance to the classic French bedroom farce of false identities and improbable lies a la La Cage aux Folles. We expect to see slamming doors and hear tall tales crafted for the naïve. This play takes the genre up a notch, however. The stakes are high for these four winsome adults who want to live life openly, love who they love and dare to aspire to the same status as the heterosexual elite of the 50’s era.

(LEFT TO RIGHT): Riley Mondragon as Millie Martindale, Amber Snyder as Kitty Sunderson. Photo: Paul Goyette

When the laughs have been had, Mr. Payne’s script turns the page toward the pathos of the very human pain that came with hard choices commonplace in the 1950’s. There is truth-telling and a stand for authenticity that is expertly woven into the tale. For those who enjoy good laughs and a tug at the heart strings, Perfect Arrangement delivers a tale from the barely receding history of pre-Stonewall America, lest we forget from whence we came.


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September 21-October 22, 2017
Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30PM
Sunday @ 3:00PM
Wednesday, October 18 @ 7:30PM


The Broadway, Pride Arts Center
4139 N. Broadway


$25 General Admission
$35 Reserved Seating

For more information on tickets, visit the Pride Films and Plays website. 

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Stephen B. Starr Photo: Eric Ramirez

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