Promethean Theatre Ensemble Presents THE LIAR Review – Witty Wordplay

Brendan Hutt as Cliton, Josh Hambrock as Dorante

Promethean Theatre Ensemble has created a world of mistaken identity, romance, and brilliant wordplay with their production of THE LIAR.  The comedic tone is set immediately with a direct address to the audience.  This speech, in verse, is a sign of good things to come in this hilarious and lighthearted spectacle.

Meghann Tabor as Clarice, Shane Roberie as Alcippe


The plot involves a man who is incapable of lying who becomes a servant to man incapable of telling the truth. When the liar meets a woman, he begins to weave a web of lies that leads to intense confusion and hijinks involving pranks, twins, and revelations beyond what any of them could expect. The play is said to be a “translaptation” of a 1643 farce. That word gives great insight into what to expect from this uproarious play.

Promethean - The Liar
Megan DeLay as Isabelle, Brendan Hutt as Cliton


The hook of this play is the use of language in verse. While audiences are deeply divided on whether they enjoy Shakespearean language, David Ives’ play is able to please both sides. The everyday language put into verse will surely impress the deepest lover of words but never alienate those who generally feel intimidated by Elizabethan dialect. The rhymes themselves prove to be a hotbed for humor. You’ll find yourself wanting to hear what word the writer has come up with to rhyme with the previous more than once throughout this journey.

Promethean - The Liar
Michael Hagedorn as Geronte, Brendan Hutt as Cliton, Josh Hambrock as Dorante


Although the play is highly wordy, the cast never stumbles over words or fumbles a joke. The comedic timing is never lost. Brendan Hutt portrays the man who cannot lie and serves as a narrator/commentator over the action. Hutt embodies this role with an ease that almost makes it impossible for him to stand out. His acting becomes invisible. Megan Delay portrays a set of twins with wildly different personalities with grace and hilarity. She steals every scene in which we are privileged enough to see her.

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Promethean - The Liar
Meghann Tabor as Clarice, Katherine Schwartz as Lucrece
Promethean - The Liar
Josh Hambrock as Dorante, Katherine Schwartz as Lucrece

Photos by Tom McGrath


Top Pick For: Lovers of Wordplay
Not recommended for: Drama seekers


April 21 - May 27, 2017

Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30PM
Sundays at 2:00PM
Industry Performance Monday, May 8 at 7:00PM


Athenaeum Studio 2
2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago


$17 - $27

Online at

By phone at 773-935-6875

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