RadioTheatre Presents STRANGERS ON A TRAIN Review — Deadly Acquaintances

It all begins on a train, blowing its whistle as it brings passengers closer to their final destinations. Two of said passengers are Guy Haines and Bruno Antony, who begin as mere strangers on a train, but become entirely too intertwined after they part ways.

Bruno, an overbearingly obsessed fan of Guy—a socialite and famous tennis player—begins to air his dirty laundry soon after meeting his idol, explaining to him how he wishes his judgmental, callous father was no longer in the picture. Having studied his new acquaintance’s life prior to their meeting, Bruno begins to inquire about the public separation between Guy and his promiscuous, soon-to-be ex-wife Miriam—and his secret, budding relationship with Anne Morton, a Senator’s daughter.

With both men leading such hectic personal lives, Bruno makes a suggestion to end both of their suffering—that they murder each others’ most irksome foes. Despite Guy’s immediate refusal, when the pair part ways they leave not knowing the other’s true intentions.

RadioTheatre exhibits how one misunderstanding can lead to endless deceit

Time passes and Guy Hanes continues with his normal life, that is until the two men meet again and under rather mysterious and pressing circumstances.

“Oh, I just came back from Metcalf, Guy, and brought you a little present. You see, a pair of eyeglasses—now you didn’t tell me Miriam wore eye glasses?”

“You’ve seen Miriam?” Guy asked, fearfully.

Having taken matters into his own hands, literally, Bruno has left Guy in a complex scenario—reveal his wife’s blackmailing murderer or face the rap for a crime he did not commit. In this reviewer’s opinion, this program twists and turns us in all directions—Is he guilty? Is he not? Will they find him out? Will they get the real criminal? Who will be the next victim?—to the point where we find ourselves smack in the middle of a web of lies Guy has woven, despite his innocence.

Though lengthier than the other RadioTheatre performances in this collection, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN is well worth any viewer’s time—specifically those who are keen on Alfred Hitchcock’s twisted tales of mystery.


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Frank Zilinyi, R.Patrick Alberty, Alejandro Cardozo, Caitlin Boyle, Sarah Gwynne Walker, Annemarie Hagenaars

Creative Team:

Dan Bianchi (director/story adapter/sound), Wes Shippee (sound design/tech director)


Through December 31, 2021


Available on the RadioTheatre website.


Photos courtesy of RadioTheatre NYC

Margaret Smith ( Photo by Mike Rundle )

About the Author: Margaret Smith ( Photo by Mike Rundle )

Margaret Smith is a Chicago-based, multi-genre writer and editor. They are a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, a lover of all-things theater, and a crossword puzzle enthusiast. More of their work can be found on the Better Magazine website.

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