Red Orchid Theatre Presents VICTIMS OF DUTY Review – A Pastiche of Zingers for the Body Politic

Playwright Eugene Ionesco puts the torturous flavor of fascism front and center in this French absurdist and comedic work. The Romanian-born French Ionesco uses metaphor, surrealism and irrational machinations in rapid fire to deliver a commentary on life controlled by maniacal political systems. A Red Orchid Theatre’s Victims of Duty has never been so pertinent to life in these United States.

Coherence – The Missing Thread

Theater fans expecting a coherent plot will be lost looking for the thread that will sew the piece together. It is not there. Instead we are presented with a pastiche of human behavior – at once coherent and in the next moment incoherent. The tapestry is the vehicle for delivery of pronouncement against behavior that has lost its moral bearing.

Choubert is the tightly laced French citizen playing armchair politics with the daily paper. Wife Madeleine is his witty foil encouraging a “color inside the lines” ennui; underscoring a state-sponsored detachment from engagement for people in big cities. The detective rapping at the front door sends Choubert on a Homeric odyssey in search of the previous tenant who has gone missing.

Red Orchid Theatre VICTIMS OF DUTY

The detective is a bit of a sadistic brute, pushing our “every man” Choubert to plum the depths of his tightly controlled life. Moments after he is invited to sit, the detective demands Choubert remove his tie, his constricting belt and his shoelaces. Torture by ingestion of French bread is not off limits no matter the cost to his psyche. Choubert’s descent into existential crisis is at once depicted as a swim to the bottom of a pool and again as the ascent of a mountain peak. 

A Red Orchid Theatre with a Bathtub!

A clawfoot tub graces the set front and center. The entrance to Choubert and Madeleine’s flat has a chasm of water as well. The actors are in and out of the water in full dress throughout the play. Soaked shoes, shirts and suits seem to drag them more fully into apprehension. A good splash is the occasion for a proclamation of despair over having taken the wrong road.

Madeleine is enticed by the strong-jawed detective and does not hesitate to seduce her way into his good graces. She serves him coffee obsessively, filling the stage with coffee cups as though reality has become obsolete. Madeleine is pre-feminist, both encouraging and discouraging to her husband even as she manages to exorcise the detective’s sadism with her charm.

An Indictment of Theater

The poet Nicolas D’eu appears at the apartment door and slanders the state of poetry and theater. In his voice, we can’t help but feel Ionesco’s own angst about the state of his art and the threat to his integrity. As witness to two fascist regimes, he knows the tenor of the playing field. The absurdist playwright has learned to disguise his indictments well. The poet is likely the most redemptive character of the one act play.

Theater of the Absurd – A Rapidly Acquired Taste

It does not take long for theatergoers to become acquainted with French absurdist theater. In the first five minutes of the play, we sense we are on a wild ride. From this writer’s viewpoint Victims of Duty is a thinking person’s play. It is a laughing person’s play. Ionesco’s words carry the flavor of the absurdity of our own news cycle making it a prophetic and important work.

Red Orchid Theatre VICTIMS OF DUTY


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Michael Shannon
Guy Van Swearingen
Karen Aldridge
Rich Cotovsky
Mierka Gierten

Creative Team:

Shira Piven (Director) Danila Korogodsky (Production Design), Ensemble Member Mike Durst (Lighting Design), and Brando Triantafilou (Sound Design)


Thru August 5, 2018

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