Review: Where there’s a Willam There’s a Way

Willam Photo courtesy of Drag Queens of Comedy

Willam was one of several drag queens who recently entertained audiences at the Athenaeum Theater. (Read the full review, “Athenaeum Theater Hosts DRAG QUEENS OF COMEDY Review—Queens Don’t Disappoint” here.) Prior to the performance Willam (W) shared her thoughts with Picture This Post (PTP) below.

PTP: Do you feel that you were born with a gift to do drag, or is it like riding a bike and after a while anyone could be good at it?

W: "It’s not a gift or birthright. It’s a privilege that I lucked into it and pushing and honing my craft/crap is my duty to keep my audience watching and laughing. I’ve also written a book about it called Suck Less. Where there’s a Willam, there’s a way."

PTP: When did you love for drag start?

W: "I started loving drag queens with Looney Tunes. Whenever Bugs or Foghorn Leghorn get into geisha, I was transfixed."

PTP: What kind of personality does a successful drag queen need to have?

W: "That a tricky one. The drag queens that perform on stage usually have to be outgoing and quick but there’s tons of more introverted queens who excel at different factions of drag entirely. People like Miss Fame and Mathu Andersen before her are of an esteemed presence and not as bold upon first glance."

PTP: Is there a difference between being a beautiful woman and being a beautiful drag queen?

W: "A penis, usually."

PTP: do you thing that drag queens receive enough credit for their craft?

W: "I think that when the biggest stars in the world emulate and look to us for inspiration, it’s a huge compliment. All the big ones have mopped from us like Reba and Gage and more recently, Little Mix (p.s. check out their Power video)."

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