Second City LEGENDARY LAUGHS Review – A Tribute to Sketch Comedy


Second City says they’re “putting politics aside for a night and focusing on fun” with their newest comedy act, LEGENDARY LAUGHS. Now is your opportunity to step away from political satire and other topical comedy pieces to sit back and enjoy some improv at the legendary Second City.

The Second City UP Comedy Club brings us a lighthearted evening out

LEGENDARY LAUGHS is equal parts sketch comedy and improv bits. They’ve taken successful sketches and songs from their tried and true performances and put them all in one place.

The show starts out with the traditional make sure your phones are turned off announcement. Then, we are roped in with a series of fast moving vignettes asking you to take a second look at what you just saw. Next, we are treated to a series of sketches-- a date night about to go wrong if not for a very involved waiter, a couple’s Pictionary night, and a song about being socially awkward.

Of course no comedy show is complete without some audience interaction. Many of the sketches are built around what audience members say about themselves - like a CPS teacher and his day to day life or a student at the University of Texas and her ideal date. Other sketches call for audience members to shout out suggestions to their stories - so for one show a cast member left a pineapple outside another's front door after they met at an iHop. But for future shows, who knows where they will meet next! These interactions mean no two nights are ever going to be the same.

Luckily the cast of LEGENDARY LAUGHS are all Second City training center graduates and are more than capable of handling the task. They are all extremely talented at working the audience and interacting with each other onstage to create impeccable comedic timing. They’re especially hilarious doing their version of karaoke where one partner needs to guess the name of the song the other is acting out. Excellent cast chemistry!

With LEGENDARY LAUGHS, you get a night of laughs and surprises. You leave the theater with a smile on your face.


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Now through June 1st
Thursdays at 7:00pm


Second City - UP Comedy Club
230 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL 60614


Tickets start at $26 and can be purchased over the phone at (312) 662-4562 or online at

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