Secret Theatre Presents REDEMPTION ROOM Theater Review — Live Thrills


Expect some real thrills in Secret Theatre’s live, interactive production…
A charming if acerbic host introduces a group of has-been celebrities who all hide a devious past. Whether they live or die is up to the audience.

It’s all lighthearted fun, so what could go wrong?
This is the set-up for the most shocking Zoom webinar this writer has ever attended.


The production introduces the audience to each of its larger-than-life characters one-by-one, explaining their fall from grace and their ethically complicated pasts. We meet a disgraced Olympic athlete, an unremorseful comedian, and a stunningly attired, if misguided, socialite, among other personalities. It’s then up to the viewers to decide if their personal growth warrants public redemption through interactive polls.

Since the show is presented live, tension and enthusiasm are building among audience members in the chat, where they are encouraged to comment and express their opinions on each character’s outcome.


But then things begin to go off the rails…

Secret Theatre Compels Us To Keep The Secret So As Not To Spoil

To avoid spoilers, this reviewer will simply say Redemption Room combines the clever premise of horror movies like Anonymous Killers and Circle, and effectively rivals other online scare fests like Host with sheer theatricality and impressive stagecraft.

As one of those audience members said, Redemption Room is “Daaaaaaark.” Viewers who love a good splatter-fest will not be disappointed, as the show is not for the faint of heart. But anyone with a strong stomach will marvel at these impressive actors hitting their virtual marks and bringing a palm-sweating thrill into audience living rooms.


Through March 14, 2021


Streaming online via Zoom


21.99 $

See Secret Theatre on Eventbrite

For more information visit Secret Theatre


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Photos Courtesy of Secret Theatre

Ryan Davis

About the Author: Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis (@indieartsvoice) is a film publicist and communications professional with over ten years experience in the film industry and arts marketing. She is co-founder and Principal at Smarthouse Creative. Named by Media Inc. as one of Washington State's most influential women in film, TV, and media, Ryan has worked with outlets ranging from CNN and The New York Times, to community newspapers and local radio. She has worked in almost every aspect of the film business--from production and festivals to distribution, exhibition and sales.

Ryan worked for Arab Film Distribution/Typecast Films where she was part of the production and release of the Academy Award-nominated Iraq in Fragments. She has worked for a variety of nonprofit arts groups and organizations, including heading the marketing departments for Northwest Film Forum and Northwest Folklife, and was the assistant director of Couch Fest Films from 2010-2014. Ryan was on the jury for the International Documentary Challenge for 2012-3, and a juror for the 2015 Seattle Shorts Festival. Ryan currently sits on the board of The Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA.

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