SHOOTING HEROIN Review – Despair breeds Disease

“Despair often breeds disease…”

With this quote from Sophocles to open, we understand that this film has no simple solution at its end. Dealing with such a devastating epidemic as the opioid crisis in North America, particularly the effect on the smaller and more rural communities, we’re thrust into slice of life that is so often glossed over. Adam, a former soldier, is out to avenge his sisters’ untimely demise by eradicating the small town of Whispering Pines from narcotics, leaving him to decide how far he is willing to go for justice.

The central cast of characters all have different methods and morals for dealing with the crisis, presenting different outlooks on the epidemic from heartbroken parents to the local law enforcement, in turn exposing how its roots are in shady doctors’ offices and nonchalant pharmacy workers. From this writer’s perspective, the film benefits from having these different point of view characters and will appeal to those who enjoy a study of an environment rather than any one character.

SHOOTING HEROIN - Any Means Necessary

The words of Frantz Fanon—“..By Any Means Necessary..” ring throughout the film, serving as the battle cry of a torn community striking back against a broken system that has failed them. In this reviewer’s opinion, the grim reality that Shooting Heroin portrays is essential viewing at a time when our lives are consumed by the COVID19 pandemic, and when we can  fight other issues that are having such a devastating impact on the world. How else can we return to life after this current crisis, if we are also still dealing with the issues that have been plaguing us for years?


Shooting Heroin would be a meaningful viewing for anyone in isolation, even those not affected by the opioid epidemic and/or living outside the US.  This film helps to breathe life into a so often forgotten tragedy that befalls Americans.


For  more information on the film and upcoming screenings visit the Shooting Heroin webpage.

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Sherilyn Fenn; Alan Powell; Garry Pastore; Nicholas Turturro; Cathy Moriarty; and Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs


Producers: Spencer T. Folmar, p.g.a., Mark Joseph
Director: Spencer T. Folmar
Writer: Spencer T. Folmar
Cinematographer: John Honoré
Composer: Mike Newport

Running Time: 90 minutes; Rating: R

Photos courtesy SHOOTING HEROIN Film


Max Gardiner

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Max Gardiner is a writer and artist, currently studying creative media production in Wellington, New Zealand. By day he studies screenwriting, directing, producing, animation and character design. By night he explores his nation’s capital, being exposed to a vast range of culture and art, gaining different influences towards his own work. Living in Thailand for a year, working in bars and office jobs before finally settling into a degree, Max is always writing, learning and creating.

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