Streaming Musicals MARRY HARRY Review – A Love Story in a Different Way

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Nothing speaks to a person’s heart more than a home cooked meal. Even more so when it’s Italian food. For two people, it becomes a moment to connect and possibly fall in love over pasta courses and a few bottles of wine. In MARRY HARRY, we’re taken to a corner Italian restaurant in New York City to embark on a love story.

Streaming Musicals MARRY HARRY

Streaming Musicals New York Rom-Com

In just the few opening musical numbers, our scene is set for the two soon to be lovebirds. Sherri is picking out her wedding dress for her upcoming wedding. Harry Jr. (aka Little Harry), worries about telling his dad he doesn’t want to work for him anymore.

Cliches also follow the start of this musical as we’re introduced to their parents. Proud of the family name, Harry Sr. is looking for the next big trend to try and save the family restaurant.

Sherri’s overbearing but loving mother, Francine, has all the arrangements prepped and ready for her daughter's big day.

 In traditional rom-com fashion, Harry and Sherri happen to run into each after emotionally stressful days. When Harry offers to cook dinner for Sherri, it’s looking like this could be love at first sight for these two. However, unlike other rom-coms MARRY HARRY might surprise you with a twist ending.

 Quick Cuts with a Theatre Feel

For those unfamiliar with Streaming Musicals’ work, their productions aren’t live, but rather filmed in advance. We get theatre magic as sets flip quickly from dress shop, to restaurant, to outside on a New York street. Then it’s combined with movie magic as extra technical effects are added, like a magical sparkle filter. The songs for this particular show will also add a traditional musical feel as most sound like a usual theatrical score.

Clocking in at just over an hour, MARRY HARRY is a quick musical you can watch from the comfort of your couch. It might not be the best fit if you aren’t usually a fan of love stories. However, it would be a good fit for those looking for a nice, quick romantic musical.


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Veanne Cox (Francine)
Diane Phelan (Sherri)
Paul Salvatoriello (Big Harry)
David Spadora (Little Harry)
Jesse Manocherian (Voice)
Tony Melson (Voice)
Kim Steele (Voice)


Tyler Milliron (Director of Photography)
James Morgan (Production Designer)
Julian Evans (Sound Designer)
Matsy Stinson (Costume Designer)
Jensen Chambers (Lighting Design)
Eric Svejcar (Music Supervisor)
Victoria Casillo (Assistant Choreographer)
Tom Polum (Line Producer)
Scott Delacruz (Unit Production Manager)
Chris Flores (Production Assistant)
Jensen Chambers (First Assistant Director)
Tyler Milliron (Camera A)
Isaac Binelli (Camera B)
Grzegorz Waszczuk (Camera C)
Susan Hook (Behind The Scenes)
Christos Kaititzis (Behind The Scenes)
Diana Shoyket (Script Supervisor)
Kimberly O'Loughlin (Assistant Audio)
Diana Prasad (Assistant Audio)
Katherine White (Food Props and Styling)
Sabrina Lederer (Assistant Set Decorator)
Theresa Miles (Assistant Costume Design)
Carlo Flammenghi (Dialect Coach)
Carmilla Cunny (Hair and Makeup)
Tressa Cottone (Hair and Makeup)
Richard Koenigsberg (Accountant)
Shay Davis (SAG REP)
Brooke van Hensbergen (Artistic Director)
Bill Castellino (Director)
Joseph Hayward (Assistant Director)
Jennifer R. Manocherian (Writer)
The Dog Lives Productions, LTD. (Producer)
Streaming Musicals (Producer)
Carol Hanzel (Casting)
Dan Martin - Music (Music)
Michael Biello - Lyrics (Music)


Available Now.


MARRY HARRY is available to rent or purchase on the Streaming Musicals website



Photos by Streaming Musicals


Alexis Bugajski Photo: Liz Lin

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