Time Lapse Dance Presents SINGLE USE — Preview

Wednesday, July 22 at 7PM Eastern - Ongoing

Choreographer Jody Sperling releases her new film, Single Use, in which she dances on New York City streets in a costume fashioned from over 100 reclaimed plastic bags. The piece is a mediation on the nature of disposability and resuscitation. A conversation with choreographer Jody Sperling and Beyond Plastics Founder Judith Enck on the urgent problem of plastic pollution will follow the performance.


Choreography: Jody Sperling

Dancer: Jody Sperling

Camera Work: Angela Hunter

Editing: Jody Sperling

Costume: Lauren Gaston (in collaboration with Jody Sperling)

Location: Broadway between 98th & 100th Streets

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For more information on the film and the rest of the company’s 2020 season, visit the Time Lapse Dance website.

Images courtesy of Jody Sperling

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