Topic Streaming Presents F*%#ING ADELAIDE Films Review— Small Town Games

Topic Streaming F*%#cking Adelaide
The Family

Antipodean director Sophie Hyde transports us directly into her bare-bones hometown in South Australia. Bonfire scenes, sex scandals, magic shows and domestic violence unfurl before us in the parched landscapes of Adelaide.

Three grown-up children respond to their mother’s request to join her in their family home in light of some important news. Each pastel-colored episode lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, and focuses on a different aspect of family operations in a provincial city. We watch the agonizing slow-burn of siblings surrounding themselves in memories, and, as Hyde puts it: “the negative side of being around people who feel like they know you, but perhaps don’t allow you to change.”

Topic Streaming F*%#ing Adelaide
Topic Streaming F*%#ing Adelaide
Maude and Emma

Topic Streaming Presents Dreamy Approach to Issues in Domesticity

The soundtrack is birdlike, dreamy: seamlessly lacing together the sounds of native wildlife with what viewers can conceive of as the character’s whispered thoughts. The set is saturated with domestic objects. The family home is filled with items that characters attempt to burn and destroy, but acts of buying and receiving beautifully empty objects fuels the flood of ‘things,’ a flood that feels endless. 

Hyde presents a nuanced look at domiciliary scenes viewers might first mistake as familiar. But these scenes are specific to a certain climate, a certain family. Viewers feel physically suffocated in the apparent heat and closeness of Adelaide.

Topic Streaming F*%#ing Adelaide
Maude and Cleo

This arty series will likely appeal to a wide ranging audience of all ages, particularly those who are interested in music, laughs, and Australian accents.


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