Topic Streaming Presents VERNON SUBUTEX Films — The French Connection (Part I)

Topic Streaming VERNON SUBUTEX

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment in a special three part review for the premiere of this CANAL+ Series.

Unemployed former owner of the legendary record store Revolver Vernon Subutex (Romain Duris) gets evicted from his Paris apartment. Taken by surprise, he turns to his old friends for comfort.

We enter into the world of Subutex. We watch him, half nude, prepare his espresso and chain smoke, listlessly acknowledging the officers evicting him. Out on the streets, music seamlessly connects Vernon to the rest of the world: to the weather, to a curious neighbor on a bus-stop bench with a tote bag full of salad, and to the facçades of clubs, bars, and cafés. He nods to the beat of the world, as if his playlist adapts to circumstance.

A successful seeming film producer receives an ominous green letter. It is an invitation to a concert. He panics and enlists the help of professional scam-artist ‘the Hyena’ to destroy someone's reputation. We just don't know who's.

Topic Streaming Presents Musical Drama

Cathey Verney directs a series based on Virginie Despentes’ original novel, and both creators come together to present a story of ideas lost and stolen. Despentes is an important author currently- her writing often confronts difficult feminist issues. The series arrives on the heels of the Roman Polanski debacle in France, and it will be interesting to follow the series and see if it tackles similar issues.

Many viewers will likely find the end of the first episode is all too real. It is a shared experience for many viewers: chasing after an idea, and watching it die. How will he cope? Can we learn from Vernon Subutex? Is he supposed to be the good guy?

It feels imperative to this reviewer that we keep watching to find out. One can’t help but focus on the way that songs near-perfectly connect moments and characters scene to scene.

This series will likely appeal to the wide ranging audience of all who have an interest in binge watching TV shows during quarantine, as well as anyone who is intrigued by watching the winding streets of Paris through the 90s and today.


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