TULIPS Book Review — Blooms, Haiku, and Elton John

The cover of Tulips depicts eight tender bulbs, delicate in pastel pink and gold. They seem poised towards a goal. Is it the reader? On page 8 we read they are “bowing” in “reverence” to “face the evening sun”. With every page we are presented with the fusion of nature, language, and art.

World renowned fine art photographer Peter Arnold has produced a book of intricately captured flowers, and you too may think it feels like a breath of fresh air in these uncertain times. Elton John introduces the 140 pages of high resolution images that zoom in on details in tulip petals that readers may never have had the chance to notice otherwise.

Page 31, Tulip and Haiku

The flowers are accompanied by haiku poems that seem to put words to the decoration of each petal. For example, on page 31 we are presented with a vibrant tulip, which seems to explode in rich hues of crimson and yellow against a black background. The words “First the leaves and then the buds - / stems grow strong and straight. / Colors show as flowers bloom, / emerging like the morning sun” hover next to the stem, almost as if to remind us of the undying bond between nature and art.

Arnold, an accomplished contemporary artist, strikes this writer as having a knack for exposing the vulnerability of each flower: their tender pistils and stamen are revealed at close range, adorned with fragile dew drops.

TULIPS Presents Beacon of Hope

We learn that the tulip is one of the most popular springtime flowers, and often considered a symbol of optimism. As the Northern Hemisphere emerges from a long and unsettling winter, this book arrives at a perfect time: a splash of colour for reader’s hungry eyes and souls.

Arnold’s exquisite collection of tulips presents the history and exposé of a bulb we learn has historically been the most expensive flower in the world. Readers can sit with this book and study each leaf and petal for hours at a time.

This book will likely appeal to a wide ranging audience of all ages, particularly those who are interested in gardening, horticulture, and flower photography.



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