TURF NATION Film Review — Street Dancing In Transit

An eleven-year-old boy begins to dance on a crowded train. The San Francisco BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) becomes a stage for these dancers to showcase what they can do. After a short introduction by the group’s leader, Turf Feinz’s youngest dancer is ready to take the spotlight. His moves are intricate, isolated, and almost seem impossible. In one moment, he is raising his left arm and turning it in a full 360-degree rotation. The style of dance is called Turfing — a blend of bone-breaking, tutting, and gliding.

The people waiting on the train watch in awe. They look up from their phones and just for a minute, can enjoy a break from their hectic lives by watching these dancers.

This mini-documentary by director Jun Bae follows a group of street dancers who call themselves Turf Feinz. They perform on the BART train because, to them, it is another outlet. Yes, they would rather be performing in music videos and stadium tours, but for when they do not have gigs, BART is their stage. Above all else, they are dancers who love to dance.

TURF NATION Film Gives Insight Into The Dance Industry

The film explores the role of dancers in elevating songs and the music industry. The leader of Turf Feinz speaks on how when they create movements to songs, the songs pop even more. As dancers, they have to power to uplift and highlight certain moments in songs, but the rapper usually gets credit for it. Through the film, we learn more about the relationship between dance and music and how the two depend on each other to thrive.

If you are captivated by street dance and want to learn more about the dance industry, you should check out this film. It will definitely bring a smile to your face to see dancers performing with such joy.


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Directed by Jun Bae


Turf Feinz
Yung Phil
Yung Raph
Icecold 3000
Chonkie F Tutz

Length: 12 minutes

For more information or to watch the trailer of this film, please visit the Turf Nation website.

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Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee

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