Andy’s Jazz Club Hosts Typhanie Monique Record Release – Preview

Chicago-based jazz singer Typhanie Monique will celebrate the release of her newest album, Call it Magic, with concerts at Andy’s Jazz Club on July 21st and 22nd. Monique will perform material from her recent release, including jazz standards as well as original compositions.

We spoke with Monique about her upcoming concerts, musical influences, and performing at Andy’s. Read our interview below and scroll to the bottom for detailed information about her upcoming record release performance.

Picture this Post: When and why did you start singing?

Typhanie Monique: I first had the opportunity to sing on stage when I was ten years old. It was through a school musical, and my music teacher really encouraged me to perform and discovered that I had some talent. And from there, throughout my school career – elementary to high school –my teachers were very encouraging and supported me with singing and performing.

Were you singing jazz from the beginning or did you start in other genres first?

I grew up listening to pop and soul music. In school, I sang in choirs, musicals and talent shows. I become interested in jazz in junior high singing in the vocal jazz choir. But high school was when I really got turned on to jazz.

What jazz artists have inspired you the most?

As far as singers go… I was very influenced early on by Sarah Vaughn. I was influenced by singers who had a lot of tonal depth. And Sarah just had a way with phrasing. I was very attracted to the tone of her voice.

Photo courtesy of Typhanie Monique

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a singer instead of, say, a pianist or saxophonist? Or is the voice an instrument like any other?

Well I definitely consider the voice to be an instrument, actually the first instrument.  Every one has a voice. I think that, for some singers who have no instrumental background or who have not had the opportunity to play a harmonic instrument, studying jazz can be more difficult.

Have you had the opportunity to learn in instrument?

I am a self-taught pianist and can strum a few chords on the guitar. That has been a great aid in understanding harmony and developing my ear and I use the piano to compose material.

Typhanie Monique will perform at Andy's every Tuesday during the month of August Photo courtesy of Andy's Jazz Club

What are your hobbies outside of music? Do you find that these influence your music at all?

Absolutely. I love to dance. I was a dance minor my first year of college. So I have a very good sense of rhythm. And obviously, in jazz music, one needs to have that ability.

Speaking of dance, one of writers recently attended your performance with Cerqua Rivera, right?

Yeah! I read the review of my performance with Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre. That was very exciting for me – it’s my second collaboration with a dance group. And so it’s very close to my heart. I love the fact that I get to be on stage with the dancers and get mixed into the choreography. I have a really deep love and understanding of their art form. And I look forward to the performances to come with that group.

Going back to hobbies… I love dance. I’m regularly out cycling. And I enjoy nature and swimming. I grew up in Wisconsin, so I definitely need to be in touch with nature every so often to ground my spirits.

Monique's newest album, "Call it Magic" Photo courtesy of Typhanie Monique

Can you tell our readers a little bit about your upcoming record release show?

Absolutely. This will be my third event that is showcasing the release. The official CD release was at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Winter’s Jazz Club asked me to do another release with my quartet, a more intimate setting. 

The CD release event at Andy’s will showcase a sextet. The players are Dana Hall, Ben Lewis, Josh Ramos, Geof Bradfield and Victor Garcia. The concert is to give my fans an opportunity to hear me perform in a larger group setting and those who didn’t get the chance to hear me at my previous “release” performances will have another opportunity.

Have you performed at Andy’s before? What is the venue like?

I’ve performed at Andy’s for years, both weekly resident gigs and weekend showcase events.  I am currently performing every Tuesday through August, the early set. 

I always enjoy performing at Andy’s. It’s at a great space and has a diverse listening audience from Chicago residents to tourists. The staff is very supportive and it’s a guarantee that you will hear some of Chicago’s top talent performing on that stage.  

Besides your new album, do you have anything in the future you would like to let our readers know about?

As I mentioned, I’m at Andy’s every Tuesday night through the month of August. I’m also performing at the Chicago Jazz Festival on Saturday, September 2nd at 12:30 pm.  I will be performing at Winter’s and Studio 5 in September. Keep an eye on my website for additional upcoming concerts.

For more information, visit Typhanie Monique's website.


Andy’s Jazz Club

11 E. Hubbard, Chicago, IL


Friday, July 21 at 9:30 and 11:30 p.m.

Saturday, July 22nd at 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.


Tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

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