Wildclaw Theatre Presents HELL FOLLOWED WITH HER – Weird West Willow!

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Weird West is a sub-genre which combines the Western with other genres such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy and - as is the case with HELL FOLLOWED WITH HER - Horror. You might agree that such combinations are far too rare on the stage and screen. If so, the good people at Wildclaw theatre have got your back!

Wildclaw Theatre Walks You Down A Blood-soaked, Dusty Road Less Traveled

Our hero (golden voiced Sophia Rosado) enters through saloon doors, grabs a guitar and delivers a kind of gothic country overture. The smell of wood - eventually mixed with gunpowder - hangs in the air while patrons play Liar’s Dice and drink whiskey as they weave visions of people being consumed by a strange, inexplicable madness.

It Ain’t All About The Zombies

HELL FOLLOWED WITH HER spins a yarn about justice, revenge, obsession and greed. To the mind of this reviewer, playwright Bill Daniel’s masterstroke is that the zombies are simply one of many forces that conspire to disrupt the hopes, plans and desires of the heroes and villains alike.

A Campfire Story Replete With Campfire Stories

You too might find the subtle magic of listening to these fascinating characters share stories of adventures and perils past with one another absolutely gripping. Kim Boler’s Bathcat commanded the stage with lyrical vulgarity. Ardarius Blakely’s Cole intrigued with steely mystique. Virtually every utterance from Nora King’s Shelby was met with uproarious laughter from the packed house.

HELL FOLLOWED WITH HER is tailor made for the theatre-goer who prefers their tales of bloody, existential dread served with a hearty sense of humor. Those sensitive to violence and gore may wish to proceed with caution.

Highly Recommended    

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Willow… Sophia Rasado
Cole… Ardarius Blakley
Glanton… George Zerante
Denton… Gregory Madden
Jonah… Ashley Yates
Jesse… Cat McKay
Haxton… Krista D’Agostino
Toadvine… Polley Cooney
Sloat… Brittany Ellis
Bathcat… Kim Boler
Shelby… Nora King
Irish… Savanna Rae

Production Team:

Director… Josh Zagoren
Playwright… Bill Daniel
Production Manager… Rose Hamill
Assistant Director/Gore/FX… Mickey Meghan Norine McGrath
Dramaturg… Jose T. Nateras
Fight Director… Claire Yearman
Props/Set Co-Designer/Set Dressing… Rachel Watson
TD/Set Co-Designer… Greg Williamson
Lighting Designer… Conchita Avitia
Costumes Designer/Costumer… Satoe Schechner
Sound Designer… Sebby Harrison
Makeup… Bonnie “Bones” White
Casting Director… Adelina Feldman-Schultz


Thru November 9, 2019


The Den Theatre
1333 N. Milwaukee Avenue



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Photos by Clark Bender/WildClaw Theatre

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