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Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies – filling every corner of the page!

We had just opened the book and found this colorful inside cover showing Monarch butterflies.  Each butterfly is drawn in great detail.  It is very colorful—orange, white and black like Monarch butterfly colors really are.

These butterflies are part of the story about Mexico, and especially interesting to this reviewer who happens to be a regular yearly visitor to Mexico to see grandparents, but never knew about the butterflies before!

Atlas of Adventures: Travel Edition Takes Us To Every Continent

It’s not just about Mexico.  Atlas of Adventures has more than fifty pages and takes us to places in every part of the world.  Every time you turn the page you are in a new place, drawn with new colors and always with many details.   You too will likely learn something new—about both people  and animals in these places—often amazing.

For example, when we go north to see the Northern Lights the words under the picture of a red fox tell us that these animals have whiskers on their feet as well as their nose, to help them walk better in the snow!  And, the city of Venice, Italy “is gradually SINKING into the sea at rate of 1-2 millimeters per year”! Imagine living on a “floating city,” as many people like to call it.

When we go to Paris we see the hard-to-say “louvre” museum.  It’s a glass pyramid with birds in the sky and flowers around it. You too may learn that stereotypes of French people in striped shirts and berets eating baguettes and saying “oui, oui, mon ami,” aren’t right.  Instead, you see a lot of people there who look like us and dress like us.

This writer though liked the drawings more when the people are wearing costumes that are NOT like what we usually wear.  On the Scotland pages they show the Highland Games with people wearing kilts and hats with pom poms on top—dressing the way that people used to dress there all the time.

Page after page there is a lot of detail so you can really picture being in the place and doing what the book’s characters are doing.  Also, on each page the author put other things to do when you’re there, other than the ones described in detail in the book.  This reviewer thinks this really helps capture what it is like being there.

Who would like this book? 3 year-olds, like this reviewer’s sister,  would like looking at the pictures, ten year-olds (like this writer) would learn a lot from facts in the book, and caretakers would have fun reading it with kids. If you like adventure and to learn about the world, and have a big imagination that can take you anywhere, this would be a good book for you.


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Images courtesy of Quarto Press

Paloma Sagel-Vidal
Paloma Sagel-Vidal

About the Author: Paloma Sagel-Vidal

Paloma Sagel-Vidal is a budding arts enthusiast.  She has participated in many arts forms such as dance, theatre, video, music and creative writing.  Paloma is just beginning on this journey reviewing other’s works in the spirit of growing her own interests and creative process.

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