Children’s Book Reviews Roundup

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Family-Penned Children's Book Reviews

Picture This Post children’s book reviews are written by experts—namely, children and their parents!

We know children and adults experience books differently, and a good children’s book should be appealing to both the person being read to and the person reading out loud. With that in mind, most of these reviews come from parent/child teams, and all of these reviews seek to consider the book in question from both perspectives.

Excited About Children's Books? We are TOO!

Picture This Post loves books that make their readers both laugh and learn. Some things we find especially exciting:

  • Stories related to the arts (Theater, Dance, Painting, Music...)
  • Stories that center diverse voices and characters
  • Beautiful illustrations

Write Children's Book Reviews, Help Families Like Yours Find Great Reads!

If you (and a child in your life) would like to write for Picture This Post, please email and introduce yourself.

All Picture This Post writers are volunteers—we write because we enjoy it, and because we care about helping other readers find great books.

Likewise, if you’ve written—or are representing—a children’s book you think Picture This Post should review, please email to be considered.

Watch longtime reviewers Tonika and Jaxon talk about why they love writing for Picture This Post:

Fiona Warnick
Children’s Book Editor (Fiona Warnick)

About the Author: Children’s Book Editor (Fiona Warnick)

Fiona Warnick is an Associate Books Editor at Picture This Post, currently focused on launching the magazine's children's books section, with an emphasis on reviews written by parent/child teams. She hopes to work in children's publishing, and is always interested in hearing what sorts of stories kids, parents, and publishers are most excited about. When not volunteering with Picture This Post, Fiona is a creative writing major at Oberlin College.

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