PUFFINS OFF THE BEATEN PATH Book Review – Icelandic Adventure

"Six thousand reindeer roaming free,

Between the farmlands and the sea.

A particle - faery dust? - starts to gelam

On one reindeer's antler. Is this a dream?"

Did you know there are between 6,000-7,000 reindeer living in Iceland? That they aren't farmed but roam free and wild?

This and other anecdotes fill the pages of Ra Anderson's book giving each photograph a life of its own, transporting you to a place where you can taste the brisk fresh air.

Author Ra Anderson has a keen eye for photography and a colorful imagination for anthropomorphizing the creatures she captures. Her new book Puffins Off the Beaten Path takes the reader on adventure through Iceland: panoramas, animals, language, and fun facts. It’s an educational book under the guise of adventure. This is a perfect fit for curious avid readers who enjoy nature, geography, adventure, history and dislike mosquitos (an interesting tidbit that you’d have to read the book to discover!).

A family endeavor

The story follows the parents of Arni, a young Puffin bird who has gotten himself and his best friend Berta lost in the interesting topography of Iceland. Along their search, Arni’s parents find Viking horses, triple-purpose sheep, lambs and dams, whooper swans, reindeer, and even an Arctic fox. Each encounter is accompanied by rhymed couplets that further the story and a fun fact that helps you discover Iceland from the comfort of your own home.

Puffins Off the Beaten Path is full of discoveries!

From the perspective of these reviewers, aged 41 and 9, the most memorable aspect of this book is the undoctored photography of the beautiful Northern European country called Iceland and how green and grassy the land actually is - a total misnomer. Don't be surprised if the child you're reading with asks you if you can get a puffin as a pet (which wouldn't be all that difficult since this book teaches you that puffins aren't afraid of humans). But, humans can ruin puffins' protective coating, so perhaps it’s best to leave nature be. Looking at all that nature though, sure makes one wish to explore Iceland in the flesh. For now, reading Puffins Off the Beaten Path with your child will have to suffice for a góðan daginn.


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For more information, please visit Ra Anderson’s webpage for PUFFINS OFF THE BEATEN PATH and her other Puffin books

Images courtesy of PUFFINS OFF THE BEATEN PATH Book

Tonika Todorova and her son Jaxon DuFloth
Co-Authors: Tonika Todorova and her son Jaxon

About the Authors: Tonika Todorova and her son Jaxon DuFloth:

Tonika Todorova is a freelance writer and director that goes by the self imposed title of Adventure Architect. She experiences a lot of performance with her eight year old son, Jaxon, by her side, and his reflections on Chicago theatre offer a refreshingly new perspective for her, and hopefully, others. Jaxon practices autonomous learning and is proud to be an Albany Park Chicago Children's Choir singer. Tonika and Jaxon also enjoy reviewing children's books together. You can learn more about them and their experience writing for Picture This Post by watching this Picture This Post YouTube video:

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