BUKHARA SITORAI MOKHI KHOSA — Suzani and Peacock Splendor

In this summer palace of Bukhara's emirs, you get a glimpse of how the royals  once lived amidst plush gardens, courtyards and banquet halls.  A MUSEUM OF APPLIED ARTS-- less fleshed out than the Tashkent museum of the same name--is found in many of the palace rooms.  Outside, you share the courtyard space with free roaming peacocks and relatively aggressive suzani (classic Uzbek  embroidery) vendors.

In the context of this palace, you begin to notice how design motifs somewhat mirror the courtyard's free roaming peacocks.
You learn that each door had a different concubine from the harem back in the day.
Alim Khan, Bukhari Emir, who would have lived in the palace during summers, seen in a photo display at THE ARK MUSEUM in Bukhara as well as in the Jewish Merchant House Museum historic photo display.

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