FUN HOME — Banned Book Testimonial from Nena Martins

Photo by Nena Martins, testimonial author

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

During my freshman year of college, my school put on a production of the musical Fun Home, which was adapted from Alison Bechdel’s biographical graphic novel. I remember sitting in the dark theater, surrounded by people I didn’t yet know, in complete awe. I ran to the bookstore the next day to buy the novel. That night, I finished it in one go. To me, it was one of those books that changed my life. The way in which Alison Bechdel distills such a heartbreakingly beautiful story focused on queerness, mental health, and intergenerational trauma into a digestible book without losing any nuance was inspiring and left me feeling seen. Although her stories are different in many ways, I could see my story in certain details of hers, and I am sure that many other queer kids have felt the same. I am grateful that this work is out there and sincerely hope more queer stories make their way to the general public because their importance cannot be overstated!

Fun Home is available for sale on HarperCollins Publishers, among other sources.


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